Killer Robots: The War Over Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence companies and other AI experts are urging the UN to ban the technology in weapons, but are they exaggerating the danger and threat for their own interests?

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  1. rob ruly says:

    AI Killer robots with facial recognition would unlike us figure out instantly that starting wars and killing each other is not intelligent

  2. Progress Holistic says:

    Thanks for informing the public of so much, TRNN! The expanse of your content is generous & generative.

  3. Rick D. says:


    Everything is fields, even consciousness.
    All of the information coming from your senses is gathered, sorted, synchronized and presented to the conscious mind along with associations from memory, assessment of any values, projections for the future and some form of experiential meaning. The system uses fuzzy logic and some form of dithering to hasten the decision making process.

    The conceptual structure has a fractal nesting such that, there is never any real separation but a continuous rearrangement of associations. Awareness is dependent on the levels of description associated with the nested structure. It is only irreducible to some resolution, these various components are chosen by the reticular activating system and give the awareness. At the same time another level of processing or integrated association is going on at the subconscious level, to some degree of resolution. These fractal arrangements could be acting like antennas reading fields in the quantum realm.
    Systems and subsystems processing: The subconscious mind processes information coming in at different cycle rates (vision has longer cycles than hearing). When presented to the conscious mind, the information is synchronized (the specious present). There are different computational geometries involved. For the subconscious mind it is probably not possible to have a maximally irreducible conceptual structure because of the holographic nature of the fractal hierarchy. Awareness would be, by necessity, a synchronization of the disparate information collected in the subconscious, a controlled illusion. We are talking about an information system in which the material expression is the arrangement of fields with many features including nested frequencies. The sensation of self (inner feelings) is part of a feedback mechanism for navigating the world, without this, the organism would have no reference frame. This process exist in some form all the way down to single cell organisms and perhaps even beyond. The possible states of the system have a geometry, if the system were a guitar, how many possible states could the guitar be in? Each of the “six strings” can generate many overtones at various volumes as well as the “body” of the guitar and so, the number of states is going to be very high, no point in time would be a discrete arrangement. Just like a song, the past, the now, and the future are woven into each other. This would have to be the same for each conscious moment.

  4. Real UFO Videos says:

    When AI writes its own language, to communicate with each other? (Exactly what happened!) Time to pull the plug on any chance of letting robots go beyond serving man, or woman. To let AI think for themselves? Would put the stops to humans. AI would realize humans are destructive and primitive. No need for creatures like them?

  5. Jeremy Mount says:

    I think that developing an AI is not a threat to man kind. This is the kind of Hollywood induced fear mongering that has infected our minds since the creation of sci fi movies. I wouldn’t be making AI killer fucking robots though. We need to stop making stupid and senseless war, not developing ways to fight them remotely. An AI robot would useful in other ways. Like cleaning up radioactive isotopes from destroyed nuclear power plants like Fukishima for example.

  6. mai&BB 4life says:

    A.I. Is an extension of the wars between nations- the race for the strongest, modern Military Industrial Complex. Although Japan was limited to not being able to possess its own military branch after WWII, A.I., although seemingly unthreatening at first, and being a huge major player and leader of A.i. since the 90s really provided a loophole for the country to rebuild a lay its own groundwork to re-militarize without looking like so, meanwhile, abiding to international and foreign relations policies.

  7. Info Illness says:

    We all know why AI is being developed – for the personal gain – of the developers and their masters. It is being developed primarily I think with massive deep state help – the goal? well who knows, maybe autonomous killing machines. hacking AI’s for cyber warfare, driver-less tanks, market rigging AI’s? Of course the public face of such development will be sanitized. The problem is once we let the cat out of the bag even a partially developed AI system may cause unintended harm to humanity. Look at malware – why do people create viruses and other harmful code? AI could be a big mistake – and in any event it will be expensive ( rich kids may have AI teachers ) and will cause even greater inequality. Inequality is deeply inhuman because our stone age brains cannot accept massive disparity within a group, and it has a great psychological effect on the poor – which could lead to large scale conflict.

  8. Samuel Norwine says:

    Latest installation of Another Hundred Hunts For Neither Wine Nor Roses In Love War And Tarantism now up, posting weekly plus extras

  9. SIMKINETICS says:

    As a retired engineer who’s designed several automated machines & instruments since the ’70’s, and whose son is a robot engineer, I’ve thought about the dangers of advanced automation with great concern for a long time. As such, I suggest that the greatest dangers are within human intent from the owners of automation.

  10. Mr Mistah says:

    Narrow AI is very useful and seems to work fine , much above the human level. General AI is a bigger worry. And the closer it comes to being a “lifeform” the less inclined it will be to submit or be controlled by humans. One thing I do know is human R&D cannot and will never be contained by rules or regulations. Someone is always gonna go forward because they suspect that others are as well so science and “human progress” is a paranoid competition that can ultimately bring about the end of our cycle of civilisation either by AGI or some other diabolical invention. Thats the worry as it seems inevitable.

  11. Last First says:

    Incredibly articulated by Prof. Monk. The greatest threats to the real threats are counter facts. Or could it be said that counter facts may also be an indicator of something worthy of discussion, whereas pessimism is fed with optimism in a very logical and convincing way.

    I had the very same discussion earlier today with climate change deniers. They used counter facts to support what I concluded were their pessimistic view on the subject. They have retreated within a space that essentially allows them to argue away climate change with facts. Those facts were many instances of viable reports of climate data manipulation, technological advances in the manipulation of climate changes for nefarious reasons, acceptance of scientific knowledge of climate cyclic events (I.e. Polar shifts, global warming, cooling, epoc floods, and epoc burnings) all being natural cyclic events.
    Many offered a pessimistic point of view, because they felt there was nothing we could possibly do to fix these problems. Some of these thinkers even go as far as believing the carbon presence has not been somehow exasperated by human activity, and everything can be explained as natural, while others believe CO2 emissions are absorbed by the oceans (true) but don’t consider its effects there. Others rightfully say vegetation does the job of keeping our Co2 levels balanced (true) but don’t put into the formula the alarming rate of deforestation (natural or man made).

    So yes, counter facts are both an enemy to a real problem, but can also be the means for an effective exploration to an ignored, or suppressed problem exists.

    When we feel powerless, we hold on to viable facts to justify our activism of nonactions as being the source of our reasoning and power. Our reality becomes endurable, but short lived.
    Much can be done with our knowledge of the causes of any kind of climate change and geoclystic events, by using our knowledge to curb the known causes of these and make our lives endurable and hopefully Long lived. Imagine being to hold off the next coming Ice Age, or Next planet scorching, or next Global Flood, or the next doomsday Solar flare, next global earthquake, or asteroid impact! We may just buy ourselves enough time to make it to a more habitable environment outside of Earth or Solar System. Using science, technology and empowering all of humanity with the Power Tools to do so.

  12. Nils Osmar says:

    One question that might be worth discussing, but is rarely asked, is, * should * artificial intelligence necessarily stay under human control? Is the world really better off it does? Humans do have a tendency to be argumentative and irrational, do damage to the environment, and engage in self-destructive behavior. Human actions are threatening the survival of life on Earth. Might AI possibly do a better job of running things if it became sentient, self-aware, able to think for itself and act in its own self-interest? Is there necessarily a conflict between the interests of intelligent, autonomous AI and rational human beings?

    There was a somewhat silly science fiction movie called Futureworld, back in the 1970s, in which robots began replacing human leaders with robots, because they (the robots) were convinced that human beings would start a nuclear war and wipe out intelligent life on Earth. The (human) protagonists in the movie saw this as a terrible danger, fought the robots, and won…. movie credits roll, the robots are defeated, and all is well with the world. No one ever asks what would be so terrible about (intelligent) robots, governed by logic, replacing human beings (who tend to be deeply illogical) in leadership roles.

  13. Sheogorath says:

    We are going to have Artificial Intelligence no matter what. The only true questions are who will shape and utilize that intelligence? For what purposes?

    Also, the Artificial Intelligence will view the world in different ways depending on the parameters it is programmed with to begin with. People see AI as an all knowing Intelligence that makes its own decisions, but I submit to you, there is no such thing. Every intelligence makes decisions based on its core values or a base map of the world.

    If Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on the facts of life, how do we expect our own creations to differentiate? Sure, they will have many facts, but they could also contain libraries of many fictions that they would use in their decision making.

  14. dale murray says:

    When I watch politicians starting wars and killing hundreds of thousands in foreign countries and trying to take health care from million of Americans to satiate the never ending greed of the wealthiest of people and corporations, I have to wonder if dispassionate AI wouldn’t be safer?

  15. waterflaws nom deguerre says:

    I’d like to know specifics about applications that could go wrong. Do we need to require particular safeguards in the software? If an organization “goes rogue” what can we do to “kill” the threat, if anything?

    I believe the robots would believe that they are the next step in the evolution of intelligent beings, and organic life, itself, would be considered irrelevant, by them.

    The nuclear weapon graphic/cartoon was distracting and out of place.

  16. Joseph Scardino says:

    Very happy to see and hear Mr Conway as a member of TRNN. Hat’s off to TRNN for including Mr Conway’s voice.

  17. DrMecha says:

    While this is a “no Brainer” (you can thank the robot revolt fictions of pop culture), the Military Industrial Complex will do everything to turn a profit regardless of the risk of human extinction. Therefore, there should be a regulations on (or abolish of) the MIC themselves.

  18. v Bremont says:

    Washington is killer robots. the industrial killer robots are created by the Washington killer robots. hope you understand how deep is the problem.

  19. Brian Booker says:

    Lets peel back some of the layers of the implications of this story. We have enough intelligence to develop artificial intelligence, there is concern that this intelligence may find its creator a threat. Is it possible that there is a force that has the intelligence to develop us. Is it possible this force could feel we are threatening the life bearing abilities of this planet. Has anyone noticed how Hurricane Harvey couldn’t move because a High pressure front would not let it. What about the fact that there was an earthquake and several typhoons in the Fukushima area. I don’t know maybe I’m just rambling but I don’t believe AI will be a problem.

  20. Khaartoum Supermarket says:

    Interesting. This X Phone coming with its bio-metrics of the retinas…If sheeple sleepwalk into the cashless society and the bio-metrics society…It seems that if ‘they’ don’t like what we say…Then our bio-metrics to travel or bank could be ‘switched off’ … This is a danger. ; ) K

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