Is Artificial Intelligence a Good Thing

The Event Is Coming Soon – Is Artificial Intelligence a Good Thing

by Sherri Hayter,

Life is moving fast. You may be feeling as though it is moving TOO fast. You are not alone.

With the advent of new technologies, and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence or AI awareness, it is important to realize something about your human self; you are more powerful than you can ever (currently) imagine!

While this time in our human evolution is exciting, there is a prevalent undertone that seeks to render us incapable of accessing our true power and potentiality.

The Underbelly of Technology

Machines, and machine technology, have literally become embedded into every facet of our external experience. While it has in many ways improved our lives, we are at a crossroads where artificial intelligence is knocking at the door of human consciousness. This is an aberration of our human design, and one that we must resist if we hope to ascend and return to Source.

Artificial Intelligence posits another barrier between our Soul and Source. Much like the ego has created a barrier within us and our Soul blueprint, Artificial Intelligence creates yet another inhibiting layer. We can imagine an analogy like this – if the ego is the car that drives the person, artificial intelligence is the car that drives the ego that drives the person. In our collective call to awaken, we are being activated to become the driver. We have spent a 25,000 year cycle coming to terms with our egos and continue this deep healing work. What would happen to the evolution of humanity if we were to add an artificial intelligence matrix on top of that?

Prevailing AI Narratives

The signs are all around us as to the ways that we are being


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