Huawei Mate 10: With processor dedicated entirely to artificial intelligence and a camera with Leica

The Huawei Mate 10 range focuses on two points, a processor entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence and a camera made in collaboration with Leica. Failing to specify price by regions, it is expected to remain in the barrier of 700 euros or dollars. It is born with three variants, with four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, six and 128, and six and 256, respectively. The Pro version reaches eight gigabytes with 256 gigabytes of memory.

The price of the latter, above $ 1,100, puts it at the same level as the Samsung Note 8 and the iPhone X, which will arrive in the first week of November. Richard Yu, CEO of China’s consumer division, started his speech by highlighting the relevance of mobile phones in our lives: “Mobile is the most important device, it always goes with you. It serves to see content, to pay, to keep memories, to work … Life and work go together. Many users spend more than six hours a day with the mobile. ” Following the reasoning that the mobile always goes with the consumer, have made it more resistant to water, dust and blows. Officially it has the IP67 standard, which means it can survive half an hour submerged.

The battery reaches 4,000 mAh, which means more than a day of autonomy with normal use, a capacity that compared during the presentation with the 2,716 of the latest iPhone. They complement it with a quick charger. Yu boasted, “It’s not my case, but for the average user it lasts two days.” The screen of the Huawei Mate 10 reaches six inches, but keeping the body of most 5.5. They follow the trend of eliminating the frame, increasingly common in 2017. And the contrast has been enhanced including another of the season constants, the high dynamic range. The unlocking of the mobile phone is done by fingerprint. Both Apple and Samsung already flirt with facial recognition in the star models, but Yu distrusts that system. “You lose a lot of time. It’s almost three seconds versus less than one, “he argues.

They are the first to include a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence, the Kirin 970 processor. This chip complements the main for actions such as recognition of usage patterns, photo enhancement or virtual assistant. While the majority of the artificial intelligence actions are derived in the cloud, in Huawei have opted to include a dedicated component to accelerate this aspect. They keep the double camera that has helped them so much to gain market share. They offer better definition with an even brighter lens. They have not forgotten selfie, a fever that does not seem to expire, and have reinforced it with a layer to improve these images with active life in social networks. With PC Mode, using only a cable, it connects to a monitor and can be used as a computer. Something logical if you consider the power already cherished the mobiles, but only tried by Samsung. Of course, using
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