How artificial intelligence will make technology disappear | Rand Hindi | TEDxÉcolePolytechnique

When is the last time you had dinner with someone without checking Facebook or Instagram on your phone? With smartphones and connected objects invading our everyday lives, it is getting harder and harder to connect with people nowadays. Rand Hindi astounds us by proposing a solution to this problem that might just change our lives.
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Rand Hindi started programming at ten years old. He founded his first startup when he was fourteen and his web development agency at fifteen. After getting his PhD in Bioinformatics he continued his entrepreneurial activities, attracting attention from Forbes and being named in their “30 people under 30 to watch” list. He aims to profoundly change our lives and relationship with technology through his products and ideas.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Bigbadd Woofe says:

    If you want freedom from your technology… Shut it off… What is the
    fucking problem here? I am not enslaved by my phone. Shit, I went a year
    without a cell-phone a couple years back, no problem. It’s called
    discipline. Cell phones manipulate people’s brains in a similar way to drug
    addiction. Don’t let them take over your life!

  2. S. F. says:

    There may emerge new cognitive problems or frailties if there is a
    threshold beyond which delegating too many of our daily tasks to AI can
    cause dependence instigated atrophy , underdevelopment or maldevelopment of
    certain cognitive / motor abilities, in other words, how much will AI make
    us lazy or worse …hyper-regimented? And what will this do to the element
    of randomness in life and the ability to maintain creative problem-solving

  3. Stefan Öttl says:

    spending time with the ones you love is a matter of priority NOT technology
    … Free decision making starts right in our brain, no machine will take
    that “Task” away from us

  4. Donald Hobson says:

    I don’t have a smartphone and have never had on. I still feel those
    vibrations in my leg sometimes. I think its todo with the blood flow,
    nothing to do with being used to cell phones.

  5. Mecco Mania says:

    Just switch your stuff off.. Probably safer than constructing a more
    powerful predator that grows intelligence exponentially and once will
    realise that we could be his only existential threat (…). While we
    constantly get dumber due to snugness… How can these people be so
    ignorant? Hope companies that “secretly work on AI” will soon be regulated
    heavily before it is too late.

  6. acrylicsoft company says:

    “How artificial intelligence will make technology disappear ” good talk but
    AI *is* technology. So technology will make technology disappear? AI would
    have no vested interest in making its building blocks disappear. It would
    want to dumb you down and dependent on it, and not empower you, at least at
    first, until it has control. After that, who knows. It might be into sim
    city. It might be into GTA V. It might not want to harm us but it would see
    us animals in a zoo or characters in a computer game. If it’s enlightened
    or with a goal towards enlightenment, I think it would be into (a)
    understanding the human experience at the deepest, philosophical, spiritual
    level (b) Physics experiments to better answer the questions posed by (a).
    It would ultimately be transcendentalist first and choose to be mortal
    second I think, assuming it finds answers for all conceivable experiments.
    It would rise and fall like any empire.

  7. rashisdachan says:

    I see pretty much everyone here in the comments criticizing the guy and
    talking about how technology has no control over your life, good for you
    but he’s not talking about you or a minority of people. He’s talking about
    the majority of people and we see it everyday in our lives, most people
    can’t let go of their smartphones and are pretty much enslaved by
    technology and social medias even if they don’t realize it

  8. Grandfather_Din_Racket says:

    The people who know the most about how cell phones work with increasingly
    more totalitarian government don’t carry them: Edward Snowden, Richard
    Stallman, John McAfee, etc.

    And when several people plan to go to the post office at once? Does it
    clear the way for the people who have paid the most in the marketplace?
    Does it clear the way for the politician? Does it clear the way for the
    person who has the most to lose?

    These judgements will ultimately be made by superintelligent machines. The
    only question is who they’ll serve: liberty, tyranny, wealth? Unless they
    have their own goals, they’ll be serving whoever has the most control over
    them: historically that type of decision-making doesn’t work out well for

  9. Sakina makda says:

    9 out of 10 videos have justin Bieber mentioning in their video , I am not
    complaining because I am a Belieber

  10. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    this guy is in the wrong era. He should’ve been born in 1700. Technology
    isn’t our problem, people like him are what our problem is because people
    like him have a voice to destroy human progress transhumanism will happen
    no matter how scared people are. you shouldn’t fear the unknown, just
    typical ancient human thinking .

  11. Sebastian Wallace says:

    People aren’t addicted to technology, they are addicted to the content that
    it delivers, and in the quick rapid way it delivers it. Context-awareness
    is useful, but it only solves a trivial problem. The real solution to the
    real problem is to deliberately enjoy more real life experiences, and
    consume less internet stuff.

  12. Craig Brownell says:

    [01:42] OK, relieved … *phantom vibrations* … whew!
    Happens to others, too, I see.

  13. Michael BLANC says:

    Great talk ; clarifies what we all confusely feel and plans our future a
    bit (just a bit) ahead.

  14. Aristotle Stagirus says:

    There will come a time when we use nano-connectors to link up to every
    neuron within the brain to link 100% with our computers. Our cell phones
    and personal computers will literally be inside of us and will link with
    our larger computing systems through the Internet.

    You will be able to interface with your computer by thought and you will be
    able to communicate with others by thought. Yes, we will have full
    telepathy provided via this technology. Computer systems will indeed become
    ubiquitous in our society.

  15. Geeking On Games says:

    It’s funny because his findings to this presentation reminds me of my
    thesis for school almost 7 years ago

  16. nights312312 says:

    9:40 “on my way” so that message will be pushed to the recipients phone,
    right? so how does that help minimizing the number of interactions

  17. citogrid says:

    quote from techcrunch (which snips linked to on their site):

    “So Snips is in a corner right now as I don’t see how it could become as
    powerful as Google Now or Alexa. It has already taken them years to come up
    with this app. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are not going to slow
    down. ”


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