1. Clint Price says:

    As good as AI is, it’s also the reason so many aren’t keeping their videos monetized. A computer is deciding what is worth a viewers attention and who they will pay. It’s hurting many people too.

  2. Hello, I'm E L M E R says:

    I bought the Amazon Echo on your purchase. I have learned to use and she is apart of our daily routine. I have not become totally depended on this device, but I also would not give her up. Period. Thank you

  3. Brenda Koweta says:

    Very interested in “Goggle Companion “ now that I really see how it works and how great it is! Does the Amazon read audio books?

  4. CAJUN Jamis says:

    I’m guilty as charger, “Embrace A.I.”, don’t care for it! However Rusty, you make very good points for us “Old Farts”.
    No doubt, NOT a HI-TECK REDNECK, but a “Confused Cajun”? Burn a extra candle for me in “The Puff Chapel of Truth”!!

  5. Wes Davenport says:

    I agree with you Rusty. When a new product becomes available like iPhone X, I purchase it as soon as possible. Heck when I was young the internet and fantastic devices like google home were just a dream.

  6. Turk says:

    Google should pay you for this endorsement and elderly people should watch and listen. Well done, Rusty. Always brilliant mixed with common sense.

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