Four Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots sitcom experiment

We setup four Cleverbot chatbots in a way so that they would be able to converse with each other in attempt to create an ad-hoc sitcom.

Each line of dialogue is chosen by the first Cleverbot response to each sentence spoken. In some instances, where two responses were recorded at the same time, both lines were included.

See the original experiment here:


  1. Ron Artenstein says:

    “I’m going to close my eyes and have a look”
    “Close your mouth also, please”


  2. 101jir says:


    M1: Are you saying that a blind man doesn’t have 100 eyes?
    M2: Let me close my eyes and have a look.
    F: Close your mouth also, please.


  3. Msi Sibanyoni says:

    Rebecca: Lets Talk about something else.
    Bed Guy: *AI MIND KICKS IN* What is the meaning of life??

    this made me laugh

  4. Callie says:

    “Alright guys this is getting serious let’s change the subject and talk
    about something else”


    “What is the meaning of life?”

    well that escalated quickly…

  5. walkin dude says:

    why do you keep asking me that?
    because you are the only one who will know the truth.
    you don’t know me.
    nope, just a blind complement.
    are you saying a blind man doesn’t have one hundred eyes?
    let me close my eyes and have a look.

  6. jaxkel22 says:

    Wait, this came out years after the previous one. Why does it seem to make
    less sense than that one?

  7. Justin Galipeau says:

    “What is yawning?”

    “Rebecca, what is yours?”

    I assumed this was a text based conversation that had the digital VO done
    afterwards, but now I’m leaning towards the bots hearing each other and
    responding to what they heard, since it certainly seems like it misheard
    “yawning” as “your name”.


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