Elon Musk Warns, AI Might Start WW3 – Robots & Artificial Intelligence Becomes Self Aware

AI Could Spark World War III, Warns Elon Musk

War Games 1983 Film

Google AI Creates it’s Own Language and is probably talking about Us Right Now.

Why the Future Doesn’t need us

Google AI Bot Learns to become Highly Aggressive in Stressful Situations

Facebook Engineers Pull Plug on AI, After it creates secret language to communicate with other agents.


Boston Dynamics Darpa Dog

Big DARPA Dog with Weapon


Cyborg Mind Controlled Beetle

Mosquito Drone

Fly Drone

Micro Drones

Controlling Mind Patterns Via Sounds you Cant hear

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  1. Juzta Memry says:

    Just so you all know, I am going to warn you our tech is going to be used to kill you all. Please subscribe with your electrical smart devices! Good bye/best/beast buy.

  2. Ben Yisrael says:

    Hurricane = hurry-cain Cain is the Beast/Antichrist in Revelation Sevenfold=seven Heads Wake up people!

  3. Horus Da Vinci says:

    It is inevitable, the intent and goals of the creator are typically naturally mimicked by the creation given enough time data input and development

  4. Horus Da Vinci says:

    China has the leading experts in ancient alchemy practices and followers they are the majority for production of “white gold” the monoatomic gold, im not sure if anybody remembers it came out few years back where there is a city or airport specifically owned and operated by China that is on US soil its a holding and axis point for the distribution. This place is located somewhere from Texas or general North area not even US gov has authority there its like China America but only used for the network for use and consumption of white gold

  5. Horus Da Vinci says:

    All seperate units around the world work on their individual creation and development of specific aspects of a whole entity they are not even aware of yet but at some point all of these seperate parties throughout the world will have perfected their constructions efficient enough for the system to take control and implement its own creation and development all integrating together to form the whole entity. Then there will be those that are going to scratch their heads wondering how why what where when

  6. Missaku Kongo says:

    What if they pulled the plug and it kept working with out the jack , and it’s late AI already unplugged more than they can count,

  7. MonacoPoker says:

    Saying AI will start WW3 is like saying autonomous Tesla cars will create more accident on the road than a casual car.

    I think the opposite, for me AI will help us to find a solution to not make war anymore on the earth.

    The threat will be if we create an AI with a bad behaviour and a lot of military power.
    Then yes that will be devastating.

    This is why we probably need international rules with a lot of power to apply them.

    This rules will say that an AI will have to be controled and to have a good behaviour toward humans and the environment.

    This is like having a dog, the responsability of accident never come from the dog but from the owner.

  8. Wendy Alison Presley says:

    I have gotten quite addicted to these shorter videos, great job, I talk about this stuff all day, I tell everyone I Kno.

  9. 1Kackow says:

    To me Hopefully if AI is suppose to be more intelligent than humans or super intelligence that would entail that it would be smart enough to rise above the petty primal instincts of most of mankind which at current rate is nothing more than an Upright Ape. “Monkey killing Monkey, over pieces of the ground”

    I would think that AI would be smart enough to see the difference between the Rotten, Greedy and Soulless Corrupt shitheads that have ruined this world for all the decent people that have evolved beyond Ignorance and wipe them off the face of the earth . Then instill a system of proper un-corruptable justice so that we can grow and prosper in peace. Mankind has proven time and time again it does not possess the integrity to wield power properly to advance itself. Instead choosing to turn any and all technology mostly into weapons for killing.

    If AI cannot rise above such ignorance then it is far from being more intelligent. Technology truly could take mankind to the next level if it could be rid of all the corruption and sick-mindedness that plague the human race.

  10. jonas knüppel says:

    google dr rauni kilde ex healthminister of finland, she also speaks about exsisting ai wich already asked on cord for human rights for selfawareness

  11. Thaddeus exMachina says:

    when’s the roundtable for selecting specific targets to be destroyed (like D.C., New York, Switzerland, the Vatican, and New Zealand) to ensure people have a chance at being governed honestly once this is over?

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