1. Alexandre Grégoire says:

    The news presenter keep on saying we are not there yet but he is missing the point. The message is please make sure AI is under control and regulation.

  2. Arsebox 1974 says:

    Ridiculous, they won’t be able to replicate themselves or their intelligence or thinking, we can just switch them off.

  3. Neal Smith says:

    Regulation bs, yeah if people were all moral but their not. All technology is exploited for war and robots will replace soldiers. Drones are replacing fighter pilots and soon the Drones will be operator free.

  4. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    I think the Aussie “tech expert” has had less first hand experience of AI than Elon Musk somehow….guess it will be used for killing people first..then maybe in a nother 40 years it will reach the consumer…

  5. Michel Stronguin says:

    Quantum computers are not needed for General AI. Quantum computers help us and will further help us in solving other types of problems. Current computing is enough for even super-intelligence, we just need to finish uncovering the principles of intelligence from looking at high resolution brain scans. The answer is there, and it’s at the neurons level. Neurons don’t need to utilize the quantum world to achieve intelligence, same goes with our machines.

  6. Proteus TG says:

    its not 10 to 20.
    it’s more like 5 to 10.
    Once we realize it happened, it will be too late.

  7. Proteus TG says:

    What people don’t realize is that AI doesn’t need a physical form to manipulate or control the world.
    It only needs access to media and the financial system. Imagine an AI making fake news and able to mess with the stock
    market. It could even hire people to help build things or mercs through contracts.
    AI and robotics are not the same thing.

  8. chance nigel01 says:

    people don’t understand that artificial intelligence is not supposed to work on its own but … and get me clearly to help human beings and not to takeover our work or skills

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