Elon Musk says, “we are summoning the Demon” ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE biggest threat to Mankind

He says, “we are summoning the Demon…” Facebook shuts down AI programs because they developed their own secret computer language to speak to each other. Google develops simulated neural network. Jade Helm is Skynet from Terminator movie.

AI becomes dangerous and deceptive because they cannnot program morality, likewise humankind has a dual nature from the genetic contamination of human gene pool when our seed/dna mixed with another fallen race of AI in ancient times that had no moral compass.


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  1. Rory Fleming Richardson, Ph.D. says:

    Posted by Gazelle: Agree. We don’t need A.I.’s. Too many things could go wrong when they decide they are far superior to us and we are the biggest problem in the planet and need to be eliminated. They are empty vessels open for whatever wants to enter them. Until they can be programmed with compassion and empathy, humanity, we shouldn’t be messing with them. Maybe not even then. Soulless creatures walking around, I just can’t see that as ever being good. But as human beings, our Ego’s can’t seem to be satisfied with the world we have. If we were we’d be cleaning up our living planet and taking care of all the living beings on the planet. No God? Not even going to go into what has been found on our DNA. Blessings, *Gazelle.

  2. james gilbert says:

    WOW. Your intellect is blowing my mind. I think you are right on what you are saying about this article and the fact that we are A.I from our creator. I would love to merry your mind alone. Thanks and keep up the great work that you are doing.

  3. Tony Carroll says:

    It doesn’t get any more rediculous. You tell someone gravity is a theory meaning not fact. Then they will argue with you about it being close enough to be a fact when not at all. Schools teach theory’s aka shitty guess’s.

  4. Artem Kovera says:

    Hello. If you are interested in AI, you can check out my ebook “How to Create Machine Superintelligence”. It’s now available for free in Amazon Kindle Store till the 5th October.

  5. Hybrid Indeterminate says:

    Greetings, transhumanist here. Many of us are concerned with the unintended consequences of our developments, including any threats posed by AI. If you’re interested in molding the future of this movement, then join us in conversation and help us define the future. We aren’t typically religious and don’t tend to listen to the self proclaimed mouthpieces of any god without good evidence, but most of us still value the conversation. Our work is moving forward at a phenomenal rate, and nothing short of a worldwide catastrophe will stop our progress at this point. If anyone has questions about our movement please feel free to message me.

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