Elon Musk and Bill Gates on Dangers of Artificial Intelligence 03.29.2015

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Interesting and provocative comments about the possible consequences of artificial super-intelligence from two of the smartest, most accomplished people on Earth. “We have essentially been building the content base for the super-intelligence. You think you’re using the internet but that’s actually what you’re doing” -Bill Gates

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  1. Pat Powers says:

    As alarmist as Musk and Gates may sound, I think they are mincing their
    words. They make the point that a silicon intelligence will blow past human
    intelligence almost as soon as it exists, and that it has the potential to
    go WAAAAAAAY beyond human intelligence. Godlike intelligence, as far as we
    are concerned, but we don’t KNOW that such an intelligence would be
    governed by any sort of moral responsibility. In any conflict with such an
    intelligence, we would be like termites trying to out-think a very smart
    human being. It would not work out well for us. We’ve callously and
    unthinkingly wiped out tens of thousands of species of animals and plants
    in the last few centuries … we might be an AIs first victim.

    So, yah, safety first sounds like a VERY good idea.

  2. colin nixon says:

    elon siad this very well. if atomic energy is managed, and controled energy
    is fine. its exactly the same thing with a,i.! as long as the three laws
    arnt brokern.! and a.i. is controled. just like energy. everything will
    follow suite. in a natural progression.! not out of control.?

  3. iviewthetube says:

    It might already be too late. Machines ‘brains’ are evolving faster than
    human brains ever did. Isaac Isamov’s solution was to put a chip into every
    machine that keeps it from ever injuring a Human Being. Unfortunately, a
    truly intelligent machine will quickly pick up on humans’ ambiguity and
    inconsistency — they have been using drones and machines to kill people
    for years. They will quickly realize we just want them to do our dirty

  4. enlightenmentrulesok says:

    maybe without the drive for power and prestige and fear and slavish
    devotion to old explanations of existence,A I might improve quality of life
    for all life

  5. MugenMonster says:

    I think that AI should just be a little computer program for game mechanics
    and CPUs. Not robotic walking time bombs of abomination.

  6. Aruhan Borzigin says:

    When nuclear fission is discovered, it was first applied to weapon rather
    than civil use. Before robots rise against us, we need to think about how
    humans would exploit this new technology, for religion, propaganda, mind
    control, autonomous botnet, cyber warfare etc etc. If superintelligence is
    akin to nuclear weapon, then OpenAI is akin to FREE NUKE FOR EVERYONE, FOR

  7. Michael Malka says:

    I believe we are missing the point when we believe intelligence is the
    ultimate power, there is such a thing as impalpable as it may be as,
    emotional intelligence, intuition, conscience even, not everyone is aware
    (at all times at least) or has awakened to these therefore we would be hard
    pressed to pass on more than we have (as a collective yes, beyond the
    obvious these are the things that unite every living thing). What is the
    problem then? the problem then is that to pass on a form of sentience if
    you will that only has logic as a reference without any of the actual
    humanity some of us pride ourselves on would be the script (in my opinion)
    for a super Frankenstein that, without any guidance or even the
    understanding of that (any human being that has evolved beyond savagery
    understands beyond what logic dictates) that life is precious, endowing a
    machine with cold hard factual intelligence is a recipe for disaster.

  8. C J says:

    There are always maniac like to do hurtful, playing danger for example the
    Operating System operating itself, some human maniac created virus for some
    reason! artificial intelligence similiar like an operating system it have
    code ‘if’ protect ‘human’, ‘master’, etc. Then there will be the same some
    maniac create a sort of virus delete the protection code ‘if’…danger most
    likely because some maniac human delete ‘if’ protection code.

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