Demis Hassabis: The Future of AlphaGo & Artificial Intelligence

Demis Hassabis at the Chinese Go Association in Wuzhen, China. Demis is a former child chess prodigy, who finished his A-levels two years early before coding the multi-million selling simulation game Theme Park aged 17.

Following graduation from Cambridge University with a Double First in Computer Science he founded the pioneering videogames company Elixir Studios producing award winning games for global publishers such as Vivendi Universal. After a decade of experience leading successful technology startups, Demis returned to academia to complete a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at UCL, followed by postdocs at MIT and Harvard, before founding DeepMind.

Recorded: May 2017


  1. Fridemar Dr. Pache says:


    Thank you dear Demis Hassabis and all scientists, who have been developing AlfaGo and its generalization AlfaGoMaster. Did you try to let it play against DeepBlue (or similar preprogrammed software) to compare its performance against classical chess programs?

    PS.: Liked it as the third one. Actually your contribution should have millions of likes .. Chinese and beyond. Shared it and gave it a shareable WikiWordTitle.

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