Companies Racing to Develop Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft are spending millions to become tomorrow’s leaders in artificial intelligence. The field is developing faster than you might think.
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  1. PurpleHairClip says:

    Why is this not problematized in any way? Why actively strive to replicate
    human qualities? Humanity has always been a degenerative species… This
    won’t lead to its cognitive expansion, but its pathetic withering away. I
    hope these engineers and programmers get the worst of the blow back.

  2. awss jalal says:

    Humans will still win when it comes to Ideation, however what these guys
    are trying to accomplish is to eliminate jobs which falls under a very
    narrow use case of A.I.

  3. Wade C says:

    What will happen to humanity when Robots take away all the jobs, do all the
    thinking. What will independent thinking robots need to keep humans around
    for? Zoo animals maybe if they will allow programed empathy to be and
    remain a part of
    their programing. Roboticist’s, There is no one dumber or unethical than
    people working to put them selves, their families and neighbors out of
    work. Even menial repetitive task jobs and slavery are better than
    homelessness, starvation.

  4. Grandma Mo Says says:

    Yes, the A.I.may one day wipe us out and that would likely save the planet.
    Are we really the superior species? Look at all the.damage mankind has done
    with our pollution, over hunting, over fishing and war. A.I. Would be
    smarter than that.

  5. Bruce Wayne says:

    Global elite are hysterical. They can’t get their AI robots built fast
    enough. They are losing the propaganda war and the public is increasingly
    aware of who is running the show and what their intentions are. They need
    an army of AI robots to replace a good percentage of us. If we’re going to
    reduce population by 90%, you need an army of robots to do the work of
    those 90% once they’re gone.

  6. Gregg Hill says:

    Never mind silly “Terminator” style scenarios, the real danger from AI is
    the threat it poses to human employment. Likely the people who don’t give a
    damn about domestic employment being wiped out by outsourcing will be the
    same ones who won’t give a damn about human employment being wiped out by
    mechanization, in the latter case as in the former defending it as progress
    that is both beneficial and inevitable, not affecting their own material
    prospects of course other than possibly enhancing them.

  7. Jeong-hun Sin says:

    When it comes to A.I., what I want to see is general intelligence, not
    these specific expert types. The A.I. plays Go better than the world
    champion, but it cannot do simple things that any 4-year old can do… or
    even a dog can do.
    These types of A.I.s are boring to me. When can we meet an A.I. that is at
    least as smart as a dog?

  8. ENERGY FORUM says:

    The Windsor Debates
    Do you want to join my forum at Windsor on AI?
    Christina Briggs

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