Brian Cox on Q&A | Artificial intelligence a ‘real threat to civilisation’ | #qanda #ai #briancox

13 NOV 2017 | It wasn’t all politics on Monday night’s Q&A. The panel sank its teeth into the future of artificial intelligence.

Celebrity particle physicist Brian Cox laid out a nightmare vision of the future, saying AI control of weapons could pose a “real threat to civilisation”.

He said governments handing more powers to robots to save costs on defence ran the risk of “removing human morality from the decision-making”.

“If you sub out decision-making to expert systems, which we are doing at some level, but let’s say you sub out decision-making for, in an extreme case, nuclear war to an expert system,” Prof Cox the panel.

“It is true you could write an algorithm to run your defence forces, if you saw a threat from a particular country, you could run a response. You could imagine that. But that runs the risk of
removing human morality from the decision-making.

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Source – Q & A – ABC Australia

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