1. Sunny Gaikwad says:

    When you got the value of S-A and S-B you’ve to take the minimum value and
    explore the path unless you reach the goal state. Once you reach the goal
    state check for different paths available and explore them and then select
    the minimum value between them. Also if the heuristics are non admissible
    A* Algorithm fails to give you the correct answer

  2. Souvik Pal says:

    I think there is a mistake.. g(n) should be s->n and h(n) should be n->g..
    Please let me know if i am wrong.

  3. CHANDRABHATTA Sriram says:

    No Explanation of the Actual algorithm explanation? Do the problem with the

  4. Divyanshu Kumar says:

    A mistake is there. g(n) is the measure of the cost of getting from initial
    state to the current node while h(n) is the estimate of additional cost of
    reaching a goal state from current node.

  5. Krish Bhanushali says:

    You are saying it wrong. g(n) is from start to node n and h(n) is
    estimation from node n to goal node

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