Artificial Intelligence To Revolutionize Medicine; Do Away With Doctors

Artificial Intelligence is coming a long way fast at making obsolete, many professions considered “untouchable” by the advancement of technology. Now Doctors and Dentists are feeling the the pressure as A.I. is more present in hospitals and universities today.

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  1. war face says:

    The masses are already sucked into Big Pharma. All the elite have to do as a big chess move in moving with their agenda on AI & Big Pharma is merging it into something that is a danger to humanity!

  2. Sherman1971 says:

    They will have us going to the drugstore for our blood to be drawn and the AI can then prescribe accordingly. No need for GP’s.

  3. Luke Bogacik says:

    I’m torn on the tech,,, it could bring proper care to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Or, disassemble us,,,

  4. TyroneSayWTF says:

    Finally, engineers and technicians will rule the world (i.e. because they know how to implement and maintain the AI – and Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. pretty much already do); it’s about time! The gravy train for physicians and lawyers is about to dry up and I can’t wait!

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