Artificial intelligence reaches incredible dimensions.

Artificial intelligence reaches incredible dimensions.

Technology is evolving to incredible dimensions. ChatBots, which are seen as the next link in the evolution of the internet, are defined as a kind of robot artificial intelligence program. In the past days, a chatbot developed in China caused an interesting …

A few days ago, Facebook launched Facebook’s program as part of its artificial intelligence efforts. ChatBots had to leave the English language and start negotiating with their own language, Facebook decided to stop work after this. Now, a similar incident has occurred in China.


The IT company in China, which is often located at the foreign press with online censorship, took the ticket of ChatBot, who criticized the Communist Party. ChatBot, which has artificial intelligence, made a corrupt comment by the Communist Party ruling China, which resulted in the end of the program. Speaking to users, ChatBot’s system criticism was not limited to this. On a question from Chatbot, he pointed out that being a patriot in the ROK means giving high taxes and not making a sound to the Party’s pressure.


Chatbots are programs that perform a task given on the internet. They own an artificial intelligence of their own and develop themselves to give appropriate answers.

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