Artificial Intelligence over Coffee with James McLurkin

In this episode, @lmoroney meets with James McLurkin to talk about AIY — Artificial Intelligence-it Yourself, a project from Google that is designed to ‘build engineers’, by giving you hands-on skills in building a device that uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence technologies. We talk about a group of high school kids that were given these kits and a few days to see what they would come up with, and were blown away by the results! The goal is to put AI into the maker toolkit, to help you solve real problems that matter to you and your communities. These kits will get you started by adding natural human interaction to your maker projects. You can learn more at

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  1. Егор Павловец says:

    Thank you for great video and product! Is it possible to use it for kids education? Does it have built-in age search restrictions or is it easy to configure it?

  2. Abdullah Rehman says:

    I have an idea , can we use it to update our social Networks status with this Google Assistant AI Kit ? Its amazing , you speak to it and it puts the updates from your speech to Text and vice versa, you can use it to read the news and updates from your favorite Networks, will just need a bit of programming.

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