Artificial Intelligence Outsmarts CAPTCHA Security System | YOYO Times

Scientists have developed an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) system to crack CAPTCHA, the software that was created to prevent bots from accessing websites. CAPTCHA challenges people to prove that they are human by recognising combinations of letters and numbers that machines would struggle to complete correctly. It requires users to type in text that has been distorted – a task deemed easy enough for humans, but impossible for bots.
Previously, several research teams have shown that defeating CAPTCHA was possible. They used neural networks to learn what a CAPTCHA was and then to foil systems that used them. However, such methods required the system to crunch thousands or millions of examples to become reasonably proficient at cracking CAPTCHA.
California-based artificial intelligence firm – has come up with a modified neural network that could crack CAPTCHA after studying just a few examples. The system is called a recursive cortical network

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