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After decades of research, the thinking computer remains a distant dream. They can play chess and drive cars, but thinking like humans remains a step beyond. Now, the inventor of quantum computation David Deutsch has called for a wholesale change in thinking, a revolution in philosophy, to break the impasse. He discusses these issues with Joe Gelonesi in this program. Professor Hubert Dreyfus also makes a brief appearance as well.

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  1. Greg Gauthier says:

    @15:00 – what Deutsch is describing is an *artificial ***belief*** engine*,
    not just artificial “intelligence”. He’s talking about it in the context of
    Popper’s induction, but this isn’t about calculating probabilities or
    inferring the motion of planets from the arc of the sun across the sky.
    What he wants, is a machine capable of not just *calculating* things, but
    *believing* them, and even *imagining* them. That’s absolutely beyond the
    capacity of mere modern “programming”. You cannot program a computer to
    *believe* things.

  2. Mark Lucas says:

    Consciousness is essential to any theory of intelligence. The creation of
    Artificial Intelligence is equivalent in ambition as the creation of
    artificial matter or creating gold from Lego bricks.

    I too believe that AI is possible, but not for want of the right
    ‘algorithm’ (goodness me!).
    It is an axiom with me that consciousness precedes intelligence. In order
    to build an intelligent machine we must first build a conscious one.
    Consciousness does not emerge from intelligence. Intelligence emerges from

  3. Igor Silva Pinto says:

    This Guy must be kidding. “Several million” is how many neurons he means
    humans have. And repeats it.

  4. Nick Tonkin says:

    i love that they include morons like this to remind us all that you can be
    a moron with no knowledge of what they are talking about but can still have
    percieved authority.

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