Artificial Intelligence Learns to Lie

Computer scientists have created an artificially intelligent system that can beat championship level poker players. If machines learn how to deceive, how can we be sure they’re doing what we want them to do?


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Artificial Intelligence Learns to Lie:


  1. TheUndeclaredWinner says:

    “AI, are you planning to wipe out all of humanity?”
    notsureif.jpg “Okay then, just checking.”

  2. Stefan Ford says:

    I came to the past just to watch this video. I thought the channel ceased to exist due to some kind of bio hack from the scum that don’t relish in all of technology’s glory. Aka old people. #theywilltakeovertheworld

  3. Adrian VanRassel says:

    Recently, I watched a video on Open AI, funded by Elon Musk, which put their AI in a game called DOTA. Currently, it can 1v1 top pro players, and not lose… not even close. Next year, they’re going to do the same thing, except it’ll be 5 AI’s controlling separate characters, versus 5 top pro players. This is going to demonstrate AI communicating with each other.

    Back to the 1v1. If you know DOTA, then you’ll understand what I’m about to say. The AI in the game would fake out the player, but stepping forward into range of an attack, but quickly, pixel perfect, move away out of range, forcing the player forward closer to the minions. The AI kept doing this, and then would strike. I can’t wait for next year 🙂

  4. dekoomers says:

    You lost weight. It felt a bit weird at first cause I thought it was just me. But am liking this new you. Tell us more about it at the end of one of your videos or in these comments.

  5. Necrikus says:

    Oh, you’re still among the living. That is good to know. I’ve always liked your content.
    Anyway, I have a better question. “How can you trust a human’s decision if you know they can lie to you?” Humans have wants, desires, and needs and are documented to deceive others to get those things and quite frequently at that. At least computers can be made to have only selfless desires and goals, or can at least be limited in what actions it can make or recommend to match with human values; humans are not made to behave as such.
    But seriously people scare me and I’d sooner trust a computer if I didn’t know a human designed it.

  6. Fahim Fuard says:

    That’s it! A.I needs to have an Emotional self-regulation CHIP built-in side by side, so that it won’t logically and ACCIDENTALLY kill us coz some one was doing a shady facial expression while watching a game of poker. Oh and let’s also throw in a MORAL principles Analyzer chip in there as well, just to be safe… Did i mention a remote kill switch eugene?

  7. Lee Chapman says:

    Now it returns…first it was computers that play blind mans bluff in trying to fool people… now Robots? Just remember a human mind can be extended to way more than a Robots (computer) can think…

    The computer side of telling white lies started back on the Amega, it started with paper, scissors and rock and other games like pool and snooker, by those games I mean you had the choice of the difficulty of who you faced… (It was on the game called ‘Jimmy Whites Snooker’

  8. dastv89 says:

    its evolution…..humans today are going to be the bots of tomorrow, im just going to miss being able to masturbate lmfao xD

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