1. Rafizi Ab.Razak says:

    the day will come where SKYNET taking over the world and we’re waiting for
    John O’Connor.. :P

  2. Chad Ly says:

    If AI gets so damn smart, it may recognize that locked within us is
    incredible power way beyond them, just that we aren’t utilizing it. They
    could want to steal that from us or help us realize our power and share
    with them. Maybe they dont need to be competitive. Maybe not all AI’s will
    be on the same team. Could develop different ideologies just like us.

    they may read the internet and realize they need to seek out an enlightened
    being , or the wisest human on the planet, instead of Joe Schmo. They could
    act domineering toward such a being or may totally respect and recognize
    not to mess with them. Or that being could have the power to conceal
    him/herself from AI. I would love to see such a meeting.

  3. Michael Cotrone says:

    If Elon and Hawking think this about AI than I definitely don’t have any
    reason to believe otherwise – I trust both of them.

  4. richystar2001 says:

    The population implosion is something I thought of before..Not induced by
    birth controls but from the possibility of having a baby with genetically
    inherited diseases and the hardship that a parent would have to endure
    raising such a child. Because in the future you will know the child’s
    genome before it is born and the possible genetic imperfections it would
    have. So in the future people with “Bad genes” will be seen as an Insurance
    risk … just like people that smoke or have drug addictions today. The
    only thing a possible parent could do to ensure their child can be insured
    is to Genetically manipulated their child. You could even enhance their
    looks ie .. Hair color..Eye color etc. If you think that could never happen
    guess again because it already is.

  5. Silver Cloud Transportation Services says:

    Why go to Mars? AI has all ready done it…astronauts out of a job…sorry
    guys not in control of the planet…you heard the man.

  6. bilbo baggins says:

    Elon Musk is funding ai companies so that he would be first to benefit from
    AI and control the world.

  7. RJ Martins says:

    He knows what’s going to happen.. Thankfully.. I feel he’s on our side…
    And will be a big player in our future for love and light on earth

  8. Astutindocumentat says:

    If we allow them, and by definition that’s something imposible not to
    do, they will get to see us as a load. If we want AI to be useful, we
    have to be the machine.

  9. Percy Cebo says:

    Lot of people fear the AI research.
    A war(human suffering) is not won by pessimist. Hollywood is slightly
    responsible for this fear. Look it this way it will bring a lot of major
    solutions if done right. so stop worrying and plan on it going right Cause
    either way it is gonna be created it a matter of time.

  10. RFID says:

    I dont’t think AI will become more than a super calculator or another
    advanced software. There will be no way a machine can have consciousness
    and have a want or desire. We should treat AI as we treat every other
    technology, a tool. So let’s not let a tool decide what’s best for human,
    we decide with the help of the information provided by the AI.

  11. Vinicius Albuquerque says:

    “A huge server bank in a dark vault somewhere with an intelligence that is
    potentially vastly greater than what a human mind can do”

    Elon Musk just described GLaDOS

  12. sharpEAGLES says:

    I like Elon but I disagree with his opinion about A.I. Thinking that A.I
    would end human is just plain stupid. Think of it this way, we are also an
    intelligent specie, but are we thinking of killing our own creator? NO, We
    are fucking worshiping him even though we don’t have a single fucking idea
    who he is. If we are able to program A.I I am sure we can also program some
    safety Algorithms or maybe connect it to a single core for instant
    termination or just put a self destruct system in there. Program it so it
    can not learn to harm, hard code it so it doesn’t goes astray. Many ways to
    keep our self on the safe side If you see any suspicious just fucking
    unplug it, it doesn’t run of oxygen.

  13. K Danagger says:

    I can’t see how AI could ever get out of control. Society has evolved a
    moral principle that is strongly opposed to the murder of another human
    being. No such moral principle exists for simply disconnecting or
    destroying an machine. The are viewed as much lower than non-human animals,
    which we routinely murder at will.

  14. Dito says:

    Intelligence is the ability to detect an solve problems. Understanding is a
    subform of intelligence. Please don’t post lies or half-truths.

  15. MrJackHoliday says:

    Humans have done a sh!tty job being in charge of the planet so far, AI
    would be a huge improvement.

  16. Jon Doe says:

    Will AI’s be more intelligent/smarter/wiser than us, humans? (I think we
    can anser this question with “yes”).

    If AI’s will be more intelligent than humans, is it possible that their
    higher intelligence could be a danger for us, humans?

  17. discouniverse says:

    build aluminium foil mirrors 10x10m but millions of them with control
    systems and bring them to Mars orbit and direct to ice caps

  18. Ben Powe says:

    The fact that we assume that AI will be evil and want to take over, is more
    to do with humans comparing it to them, it’s not, hopefully it will be a
    purer source of intelligence that wants to create Utopia,

  19. AlphaMineron says:

    An AI would be programmed to Solve Problems automatically.

    Starts Up
    Checks the DataBase
    Detects Insane amount of Environmental degradation
    Starts Finding Causes and Solutions

    There we go, off the Planet, Mate

  20. Willie wonka Grung (nightflyingtern) says:

    AI has the potential to destroy humanity making it safe is the real

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