Artificial Intelligence Highlighted at 2016 WRC

The latest generation of artificially intelligent robots took center stage at the recently concluded 2016 World Robot Conference held in the Chinese capital Beijing.

The high-tech breed of robots drew the most attention at the conference including the Xiao I, which has the ability to analyze human languages and big data, and can assemble the functions of a human brain.

The advanced robot can understand and act on user’s instructions by analyzing the specific context, thanks to its massive database which has accumulated information concerning daily life and industries for decades, according to an exhibitor at the Xiao I booth.

“The top four companies representing the best human-computer interaction technology were voted for at a summit in Orlando the day before yesterday. Xiao I ranks as the top one, and others include Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo,” said the exhibitor.

Over the past few years, Beijing authorities have been giving policy support to the robot developers in an attempt to stimulate growth of the city’s high-tech industry.

“Without artificial intelligence a robot will be nothing but a machine. Most robot-related research is developing towards the direction of artificial intelligence, which will enhance the sensory ability of robots and enable them to offer better services,” said Sheng Licheng, deputy director of Beijing’s Yizhuang Development Zone Administration.

The five-day 2016 World Robot Conference wrapped up on Tuesday, after dazzling visitors with the very latest advancements in robot technology. More on:

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