Artificial intelligence, he got a residence permit! Artificial intelligence will vote?

Artificial intelligence, he got a residence permit! The question now is, will artificial intelligence vote?

The developing technology has brought artificial intelligence to incredible situations. In Japan, artificial intelligence got a residence permit and many different questions emerged. Will artificial intelligence be a citizen?

An artificial intelligence conversation bot in Tokyo was the first artificial intelligence recognized in the official residence permit of the “ChatBoy” World. Shibuya Mirai is a speech bot and task, scheduled to represent a seven-year-old boy, to talk to the local people about anything. The ultimate goal is to be a means for local people to convey their concerns and ideas to the local government.


There is no physical form of Shibuya Mirai; LINE is in talks via messaging. It is possible to talk with him on this application; He can also comment on selfie and other photos. According to Shibuya Ward, the architect of this project, chatboy “child” loves to talk to people and take pictures.


The fact that an artificial intelligence person also gets citizenship after a robot has obtained citizenship has begun to be discussed by the authorities. Even though things are made for entertainment purposes, it is thought that they may have different consequences in the future. If a citizen’s permit is granted, will he be entitled to vote, pay taxes, or fulfill his national duties? Asking questions

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