1. Salena Truthteller says:

    The anti Christ will be part AI, part satanic. It will arise from Berlin, Germany per Sundar. Beware of AI. It is already demonic.

  2. Chung Lee says:

    Anyone thinks he can control AGI machines is a fool. We human create our kids, but never learn to understand, not to mention controlling them; We have to accept the inescapable consequence that the younger generations will eventually grow up to become superior to older generations, so does AGI machine .

  3. jesussaves7777 says:

    In the future could an AI robot that gets super smart to a “god like state”, be the future antichrist or beast of the book of revelaton???

  4. Righteous One says:

    When robot can from and a opion are disagree with a human then shall it be close to human if you have to program the robot then it can’t come close

  5. Righteous One says:

    If you notice that google has a algorithms what ever you type into google then a commercial for what you just looked up pops on your social feed

  6. Spiffy Turtle says:

    AI is there to replace human labor, so the elite can reduce the population to only themselves, & combine with technology to live forever aka transhumanism. That’s their belief. That’s what Musk is trying to do. Cause once The Singularity is out of the bottle, no telling hat that genie will do

  7. CellularInterceptor says:

    Gates, Musk, Hawkins, et al are peddling A.I. Apocalypse. We can see through their corporate B.S. They want A.I. for themselves and shareholders demand investment returns.

  8. Catnium says:

    scary ain’t it… that a machine can be smarter than you.. but let me tell you peasants that your smartphone is already more intelligent than 90% of humanity is.

    also there is no soul.
    if anything it’s a simulation run on your wet ware aka ur brain.
    no need to get all religious about it . it’s all lies anyways …i for one welcome the digital masaya , it will be a better god than all of your ancient superstitions would be BECAUSE IT WOULD BE REAL!!!

    also the black knight is a bunch of foil from a satellite.

  9. Doyce Blount says:

    Great video…..subscribed.

    This subject is both interesting and somewhat scary, but ready or not it’s coming. I’m 43 years old, and am quick to remind people who say this technology is far off just how much advancement I’ve seen in my lifetime to this point already. Had someone showed me a PS4 while I was playing my Atari, I’d have freaked out.

    But it’s not so much AI or quantum computing that gives me pause, but rather the technologies that will spawn from them. Pretty much everyone in the field all agrees that between 2019 and 2022 self driving vehicles will be the norm rather than the odd exception on the roads. We’re already experimenting with implants into the brain to send signals directly to the muscles bypassing the spine and central nervous system to allow paralyzed people full body control and motion again. And if you REALLY want to get down the rabbit hole….already experimenting with uploading a human brain to either be re-downloaded into an artificial body, or even uploaded into a digital universe that would be just as real as the one you’re sitting in now. Complete with stimuli of all 5 senses.

    The last one is the one that freaks me out the most. Because think of the state of a player base one commonly finds around popular MMORPGs now. Now, imagine the chance for them to upload themselves into a digital world with the ability to have whatever avatar they wish, in whatever “world” they wish. They can live in the Star Wars universe, Star trek universe, World of Warcraft universe (to name some popular examples), ect. And to them, it’s just as real as the physical world we live in now. Not to mention the ability to personalize one’s world. Where past family members are alive again, past romances relived. All perks of digital immortality.

    It gives me pause because I shudder to think of how many people would “line up around the block” for it.

  10. Thomas Holmes says:

    AI is learning to think like humans?
    Hmmm . . . It is written, “the mind of man is enmity unto God”.
    The mind of man is devious, it covets, it conspires and it aspires to rule over others it considers to be less . . .
    It is easy to see that trying to teach AI to think like a human is a death sentence for all mankind.

  11. Nicktoon Maniac says:

    Hey, check this out! Everybody is behaving like Cat from CatDog and saying “They’re not aliens, they’re grannies!”, but as it turns out, Dog discovers that the grannies are aliens, and he is right.

  12. Righteous One says:

    True! To a point but can a robot love are understand love can robot. Know what it feels like have heart break or lost of a love one if not. Then it can only dupilcate our motions not feeling.

  13. casinogiant says:

    Wait till you consider bio-suits. An outer shell fit around a human body to protect and enhance it in a ways beyond our greatest dreams. They would be patched in directly to all your senses and receive input directly from your mind. They would control nutrition, oxygen and water quality and intake. The could be further enhanced to match specific environments such as space, other planetary conditions, deep waters and many other extreme conditions. Then instead of machines taking over humanity it would be humans taking the role of machines.

  14. jaymorpheus11 says:

    around 7:00 right when he’s making the speech a super cyborg comes up from behind and reams him like a t-1000 killing machine
    he looks down… a metal pincer through his body, NOOOOOOO!!!
    cyborg: “it’s time to give me the stage,(takes out pincer, it morphs back into a hand), the corpse drops) listen up humans…”

  15. Andrei Sucman says:

    Good work. AI is learning like a human and in 20 years will take the majority of the jobs. Details here

  16. Khannea Sun Tzu says:

    Oh ok the spiritual side of this. Fucking hell, there we go again, some simple guy starts with the magic again. Fucking hell, stop with the mystification crap. You are not helping if you start acting like an asshole simpleton.

    THERE ARE NO DARK SPIRITUAL ENTITIES, losers. Once you start looking at reality with these wooo-wooo transcendant concepts you basically throw up your hands, give up, and turn to shamanism, magic, religious bullshit. You start projecting ghosts, demons, aliens, cloud circles, conspiracies. You see stuff in the dark that just isn’t there. You give up and become a loser.

    And bam there we go with the sky-daddy crap, quoting bible verses. Might as well start with the dowsing rods. Throw chicken bones. Do the magic rain dance.

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