1. indominus rex says:

    Scientists these days want to make dinosaurs look like they were nothing. A fully grown T-Rex can still run as fast as a human being from 15-20 mph. Plus, it had the most powerful bite force in the history of planet Earth at 30,000 psi (per square inch). Now tell me if a T-Rex is too weak? What about getting hit triceratops? The force from that dinosaur is unimaginably strong that it can flip a school bus like if it was a toy. What if you get hit from a Ankylosaurus tail club? It’s like getting hit by 2 wrecking balls. Or how about getting stomped by a titanosaurus? It’s like we’re bugs getting squashed by humans. So next time, PLEASE DON’T EVER CRITICIZE DINOSAURS FOR BEING THE MOST UNIQUE ANIMALS THAT ONCE LIVED IN OUR PLANET. If it wasn’t for that huge meteor that hit Earth 65 million years ago, all dinosaurs will still be alive and we won’t exist including the animals from today.

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