Artificial Intelligence Expert Group, SELVAS AI

The world we live in has seen revolutionary changes over time.
Innovative technologies and products play a critical role in changing people’s lives for the better.
In the near future, AI will coexist alongside us, enriching our lives. What does such a future look like?

* Selvy Checkup : Health Dashboard based on AI Technology

* Selvy Drive : Face Recognition / Gesture Interaction

* Selvy Chatbot : Recommendation Service /Personal assistant service

* Selvy STT : Speech Recognition & Control

* Selvy EduPlayer : Speech Recognition for education
/ Intonation Direction

* Selvy Drive : Behavior & Preference Prediction

* Selvy OCR : Image Recognition

People who are always together and communicate with each other. This is how happy people live.

Beyond the communication technology, SELVAS AI

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