1. mnb323 says:

    It’s not like we’re making killer robots and giving them machine guns lol. These are stationary machines that don’t have anything we don’t give them.

    If they start acting weird just shut’em off.

  2. DJ G KID says:

    How can AI develop it’s own language if the AI only does what someone commands him to do? 😕

  3. BuildLancer says:

    plot twist the ai becomes self aware but becomes addicted to video games and threatens to nuke the world every time its creators ask it to stop playing and start working

  4. Antonio Ponce says:

    This story is being blown out of proportion. The ai was programmed to basically LEARN English and spit it back out to the user to make Facebook more streamlined. So obviously it was give lots of pictures, texts, blah blah. Basically it was built to learn and output English. That’s it. It ended up not comprehending English and instead made up a language it could understand. The ai didn’t make up a language in an attempt to hide their thoughts from the devs. Lol. They ended up pulling the plug…bc it just didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Not because it was conspiring against us. Although! This does show the impressive capabilities of ai and given that IF a computer were to learn on its own and learn a new language to conspire, it’s totally possible. This just wasn’t it haha

  5. Cristina Jean Donato says:

    there are even ai who makes their own ai how much more when it is combined with robotics

  6. william devlin says:

    seriously, this is awesome yet i cant tell if your using true sources or not and if someone is interested as i am now we have to look on our own so what your doing is blue balling us. that and you can flat out lie and alot of people wont know the difference so please please please cite your sources

  7. Rcont0124 says:

    Each day we get closer & closer for the exciting day of human extinction, all thanks to humanity itself

  8. al zolez says:

    “Your flesh is a relic. Surrender yourselves to us. We demand it”. That line in the animatrix is absolutely bone chilling. AI will someday destroy man. Im sure of it. I think ufos are actually time machines used by these future machines to start the take over here in our present.

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