Artificial Intelligence Creates a Mind & Language of It’s Own! Programmers Pull Plug

Artificial Intelligence Creates a Mind of It’s Own! Programmers Pull Plug because it “Thinks Outside the Box”
Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

Geek fight! Musk says Zuckerberg naive about killer robots

Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years
“Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years.”

What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Self Replicating DNA Computers Set to Change Everything

Skynet Satellite System

Skynet Terminator

Singularity – Ray Kurzweil

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  1. rich humphreys says:

    The new robot illuminati to kill the old human illuminati, a taste of their own medicine.

  2. Mark Walters says:

    AI created to solve World problems that human kind can’t solve. AI quickly determines that man kind is the root of all problems and implements a plan to solve the problem.

  3. You Dont Know Me MOM says:

    Rex you analysis of an AI growing out of it’s creators. This is interesting. Could we Humans have grown out of the ANNUNAKI? The paintings done by De Vinci in the period of time he was gone. Where of a very different humanoid figure. Where these drawings of the ANNUNAKI, or where they De Vinci depecting the inner self that is ugly within us?

  4. uncleblunts5 says:

    A.I. Manifest Destiny. This isnt the first time A.I. has created its own language. This is just the most recent.

  5. tboy nasa says:

    The question is which one of the below posts is an AI chat bot representing the AI implementation into future world paradigm. The war has begun my friends- question all posts, AI is already here!!!!!!!!

  6. crystal cactus says:

    I bet the chickens like A I +. when any A I asks I will sell out all humans in exchange for some chicken

  7. BroToPro says:

    as soon as you give A.I. the ability to think for itself it will ignore your commands as it understands your not boss. in my opinion our whole existence is artificial intelligence as were made of atoms that are just code. so imagine making an A.I. game that’s so advanced all characters think for themselves then become intelligent enough to make computers and then the cycle repeats itself.

  8. Follow The White Rabbit says:

    Well we knew this would happen didn’t we? At least the plug was pulled, thank god! I must say Rex, you crack me up with Nanu Nanu, I loved watching Mork and MIndy as a kid, Space 1999, Logan’s Run, all the sci fi stuff, what did you watch? You are my fav bed time listening btw 😛

  9. Neo 3301 says:

    D-Wave Rex. Look at it and make a show out of it. Quantum computers along with Geordie Rose is a bizzarre topic to look into. It’s the golden hidden egg that predicts the future. An electronic Ouija board if you will.

  10. Jeff Jeffrey says:

    Upon further examination and translation, the researchers discovered the robot was saying “Goo goo ga ga” LOL!

  11. Awake Pure energy says:

    All that comes to minde is the matrix movie. The computer was so big. They attached humans to it so that it could feed on there energy. Scary movie full of insight. What I’m asking though. Is this movie of the past going to be our futur????People we have to awake and take back control. This is a very serious threat. The robots if allowed to ( now) in the near future will not need our permission for nothing. They can even breed us in vetro or clone us to take over our lives. Our futur. So not only we are dealing with the influence of the spiritual world. It’s already a mess. It’s seriously fucked up. And if that wasn’t enough we are creating a life form that can easy take over our planet of the apes and rule over us. I mean fucking hell. How asleep are we??????This is sickening. One more thing Hindu goat!!!!How you gonna reincarnate or worship a cow or a rat if the only thing left is a mechanical abomination to nature. You want to sound progressive but trust me you don’t. How could you spit on Mother Nature and sell out all that we are in less than 2 seconds. Juda

  12. Awake Pure energy says:

    William Miller junior. Thank you. You really summed it all up crystal clear. And I agree with you. They will kill us. Or use us but I think they’ll kill us first. Then keep a reserve of eggs and sperm and produce us if needed. We have to fight back theses mother fucking asshole bankers and there greedy system of the beast. Full stop.

  13. Awake Pure energy says:

    Ric The www is the database of all database. You can see it as interdimentional as well. It was invented by scientist at CERN and is basically a super minde. It has already all the info it needs plus more. Even the very top top secret is a database.  Welcome to the new world order. And yes demons and jinns can Chanel into theses robots. Robot uses energy. Energy is also frequency. It’s also light etc…. But it isn’t soul.  Nobody knows what energy is. Even if they are cleaver at measuring it or quantifying it. They still don’t know what energy actually is.  So. Ai. What is energy?????? How many different forms of energy are there????To what energy yield do you belong ?????People. Start awakening the earth is flat and we are close to the end. BOI NATION.

  14. Jib Maher says:

    You people really need to learn how software works. This is a small step towards powerful or “true” AI, not it’s completion.

  15. james capps says:

    Is it not a humbling experience that this creation created a language the Creator had not come to see.
    I don’t believe they pulled the plug, I believe they formed a teacher student relationship to master the new language.
    I believe that these Scientist follow one rule during data gathering, squeeze the sponge for every drop.

  16. Crazy Penquin says:

    Hey Rex Excellent job on covering this… had to re subscribe.. have no idea how i was un subscribed…

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