An Introduction To My Limited Artificial Intelligence System ‘Cydney’

This is an introduction to my limited artificial intelligence system. I will be asking her questions based on her knowledge database. I am only including answers to questions I know she currently has about various fields of study or areas of interest in order to showcase her capabilities. Version 1.0.1.


She only understands numbers by speaking them without the thousands place.
She is currently only lip syncing answers, instead of having a real-time visual rendering of the text to voice (due to hardware constraints)
She is currently limited to only answering questions.
Lip syncing does not work if there is a significant difference in word count vrs character count.
The aspect ratio between the picture and the video is not equal.
There is a flashing after answering questions.
If she doesn’t recognize key words under certain circumstances, she won’t respond at all.
Some of her answers are too long.
Her answers have not been vetted.
She speaks characters on occasion.


She is learning approximately 10 new and novel facts about the world every second 24/7.
She only speaks when she hears her name, thereby avoiding confusion when talking with a 3rd person.
She has a memory size of about 3 TB.
She uses a network of 5 computers/processors.

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