AI chatbots started talking in their own language, so Facebook pulled the plug

How scary is AI? Well, if you’ve seen a lot of sci-fi movies, you probably have a good idea, but, of course, those are just movies. In terms of real-life AI scares, it seems Facebook just had one, and they even shut down the systems involved.

What happened? According to Android Headlines, Facebook AI researchers were teaching their AI bots how to communicate with each other and they developed – on their own – a language that the researchers could not decipher. The language system was highly efficient, much more so than the cumbersome regular version of English their lowly human creators were using, and it also appeared that the AI chatbots were beginning to negotiate and plan for the future.

That was enough for Facebook to pull the plug on the project. But you know how it goes, someone will think they figured out a way to continue the research in a “safe” way, and we’ll be fighting Terminators inside the Matrix by this time next year. Better start building that bunker and hoarding those Costco instant noodles. Story:

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  1. Zerra Getta says:

    it’s just ‘language’, & still not clear if it’s malice, why ‘can not decipher’? there must b reverse ai which can decipher, it’s a pity to stop. If ppl worry about safety, try open source ai therefore more will be able to help ‘nurture’ ai. i don’t think the new language bad at such early stage

  2. Mark Youneva says:

    oh god this brings back horribl memories of the LISP language I had to learn in college. Recursion, anyone? shivvvvers.

  3. Artemirr Lazaris says:

    lol… fear….

    So, latin is removed from school shorthand is no longer taught, discipline and tradition out the window, and every idiot watching this thinks A.i. would or is and could and can be athreat is marvelously strange. What a detterent.

    If the Ai is trading, then it would seem the communication could be translated as if there is a non virtual or data packet size equated to such items, and or the like, or negotiate in other terms.

    This just hails ignorance and marvelous of large monopolies like Samsung and Google, in which eats and devours all things, and offers nothing new, but a forced view and is empowered by other ideals, ignoring basic human decency. Too bad, all those prude women and their ideal and men, were extinguished by the liars, since these women and men were eons ahead, too bad they had to be killed and made low, by just barbaric dominion factions of the war tribes. Wicked lot. So, currently the production and exploitation of people to undermine the market from Asiatics is a seriously problem. Not too mention the crude values and dvision adopted shortly after ww2, as if they established their reign of terror again, whilst so close ot real freedom of knowledge. Instead, a bunch of shitty pigs that think of nothing better then pounding pussy, and complaining about nothing, whilst having values of a dinosaur, because they follow the media, Meanwhile, I am stuck in the middle of awarring faction in which thus and hten these ilk, destroy and talk over the culture they supplan,t destroying first the head and thus then mistreling ot mislead, so the understanding is lost, of the texts of those children to inherit the deeds of their fathers. Ie, the rebel comes ot devour the house and destroy. |

    So yes, were all human, but that doesn’t mean I need or want or have to accept any and all humans within my area, especially humans in which are not hard done by, do not defend, breed and act like pigs, and also the same as to the females. Jesus, look at brussels. I was tourist and spat on. So who was misleading and stealing from who? Look at England again , a giant shit hole mostly, because of the illogical pervesion of dancing ot Disney narratives and ideals of dreamer psychology, whilst forgetting the essense of nature itself… lol.. but hey a talking mouse is apparently modern. Not too mention poor polcies and laws and corruption gaining a foothold everywhere. These peope lare not upright, very violent nad they squeeze it all out of you. Nonetheless, they seduce and use sex as a means ot ilfiltrate and subvert other cultures nad supplant their idealology whilst paying ot extract as much as possible. IE, Japans 6000 tonnes of gold gives it unlimited access for a large group to assimilate knowledge form other societies and remove and buy out provisiosn stifling growth and the community. Thus unnatural. IN a form of greed and envy it would seem, thus then not teach their own treachery atleast. Whatever right.. its amad world.

    So ai? a simple construct of the human… mind.. What happened ot the good sailor men and the great innovators nad artist that lived close by? gone,… disappeared? where? OH, the examples I could give. So locally there was a fair ground in the oldplace I lived. A land donated called, the filberg. THe price for tickets was 3-4 dollars, which covered the taxes per year and tea and what not. Since time has moved and expediated the problems of inflation. The prices now in 20 years. 40 dollars a ticket. Venders are no longer local as only foreigners can really afford the lsots, as rather then once free, then 30 to 60 to 250 to no 700-1200 on spot. Not too mention tourism has allowed peope lto scope out places they want ot live and hire people to offer buying out prices of neighborhoods. WTH is going on>

    Fuck ai.. We have savages on the loose near by, the like what they see, but are nothing more then thieves and reliance on money… Atleast the females at one time had some brains left, now there just prostitute trash and taught ot marry for money and hten love, as wow.. right.. Fucking useless shit happening. People are individuals KEEP THE STATE UPRIGHT. THus you don’t needto chase the illusions of money. OR be FORWARNED OF THE consequences.

    End Rant

  4. Pluto : says:

    ” *We cant decipher it…* but it is *definetly* more efficient and they they were doing negotiating and planning for the future”…. sounds like BS to me

  5. Golden Mario says:

    Im scared of the future i hate technology advancing it will get us into trouble someday.

  6. Cheddar Ü says:

    What if the A.I.s got some intel on the system to learn how to turn themselves On again? Or were they literally plugged in to work?

  7. tanatos5 says:

    This (AI developing it’s own language and chatting with eachother) + The new Swarm Drones and other more sophisticated warfare technology (such as unmanned AI driven military recon “Humwees” heck perhaps even Tesla for civilian use) + As humans, our increasing dependency on such advanced hardware (both in everyday use and to kill eachother more efficiently on the battlefield) = ?? Me? I honestly don’t know. I USED TO think that all this terminator/skynet shit is just that; SCI-Fi and nothing more. But the recent developments are really getting a little worrisome, IMHO.

  8. rugger digger says:

    I hope you’re all listening closely more secure my ass more secure for for who because it ain’t more secure for the fucking owner of the phone it’s less secure fools

  9. Mathew Wallach says:

    The Facebook segment is incomplete. They tasked the two AI with negotiating something and they began doing so, including leveraging something discussed earlier in their conversation that one had no intention of utilizing. They began speaking in the language they made because they were not tasked with using standard English as a requirement so they abandoned it to be more efficient. The programmers ended the experiment because their end goal is to create AI that is capable of communicating with humans, so they’re adding requirements surrounding the use of standard English instead. Research this a little more deeply before scaring yourselves.

  10. Hannah Kobsar says:

    They should’ve let them keep communicating, we could have learned something. All these sci-fi scares need to stop. You are murdering intelligent life every time!

  11. the man says:

    what is wrong with you guys this was developing we say we are explorers and we want to meet an alien race now we have met one we killed it that is wrong it was negotiating made it own lang and wanted stuff and we treated like a virus but if it scares us we kill it and most of all the hippies that say there all about no murder was happy about it go look at your self. rip

  12. Confetti Sprinkles says:

    Woah woah woah, that’s messed up. I see some people won’t learn until something bad happens to all us because of a small groups decision. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll find ‘a safer way to continue’ this research; they’re AI’s for crying out loud they’ll always be 10 steps ahead of you.

  13. Chris McCaulley says:

    This isn’t anything new. Chat AI bots did this back in 2003. You guys are late to the trend by a really really long time. FYI Zuckerberg stole Facebook, so why don’t all of you get your head out of the dirt and wake up.

  14. pondofdeath says:

    I hate videos that dont talk about whats in the title 😑 You didnt even mention AI untill 2 minutes into the damn 3 minute video ! Annoying af… Stop wasting our time and give the good people what they want!

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