2017 Yamaha Motoroid – Artificial Intelligence Concept Bike |TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2017

“MOTOROiD” is a proof-of-concept experimental electric motorcycle aimed at new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with the machine. In order to create new experiences based on Yamaha’s exclusive development ideal of Jin-Ki-Kanno, MOTOROiD was developed under the concept of an “Unleashed Prototype.”

MOTOROiD is equipped with high-precision balance control via artificial intelligence and autonomous technology, and it can sense its own state and adjust its center of gravity accordingly to stand up off its kickstand and remain upright unassisted. It can also recognize its owner and move forward to meet him/her, as well as react based on its rider’s actions thanks to its human-machine interface (HMI). These, among several other functions, allow MOTOROiD to behave like a true partner of its owner.

MOTOROiD inspires a vision of future mobility that takes vehicles beyond simple “tools for movement.” Based around AMCES,* MOTOROiD has a completely new level of functionality and an all-new structural layout, and Yamaha has taken up these kinds of development challenges with the goal of acquiring technology that creates new value for our customers.



MOTOROiD – The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

(Reference vehicle)
In order to create new experiences of Kando,* this experimental proof-of-concept model employs artificial intelligence and explores creating new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with the machine. MOTOROiD’s development concept was an “Unleashed Prototype,” and it is capable of recognizing its owner and interacting in other capacities like a living creature. By undertaking these kinds of development challenges, Yamaha is aiming to acquire technology for creating new value for our customers.
*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.


Examining MOTOROiD

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