1. Lee Mooney says:

    If artificial intelligence wants to live/survive robots/AI will send a machine back in time to kill John Connor

  2. Rick Shae says:

    Internet mommy!!!

    Seriously though, are you a character in GTA V? Swear I’ve landed a plane on that beach a few times..

    Not sure Bitcoin is the future of anything though. A proof of concept for blockchain, sure. But it’s unscalable, infeasibly expensive, user-unfriendly, has no intrinsic value, no smart contracts and, above all, no proper system of governance that allows any of that to be fixed. Get out while you can, but stay in crypto!

  3. Adam O'Reilly says:

    Great episode! I like how you described it as an entity with survival instincts and with decentralization it will be easier to “survive” and grow into something more powerful. You’re thinking about the foundation!

  4. Crypto Sabre says:

    There is no doubt that mining network is an unfolding infrastructure that will (already does) have enormous capability, for what is difficult to tell. We have yet to see an attack on miners, but it is inevitable. AI does not, as of yet, have a survival instinct. It would be interesting to see the code for survival instinct in 1s and 0s.

  5. Peter Venero says:

    Artificial intelligence has been here for a long time. The Tesla guy‘s hunch is correct. We’re living in an artificial intelligence driven virtual simulation. It’s where they got the inspiration from for the movie called The Matrix.

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