Zoltan Istvan on Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

Zoltan Istvan (Transhumanist and Presidential Candidate) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his candidacy for president under the transhumanist Party, and his views on artificial intelligence. ***Subscribe:
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Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of Dave’s interview with Zoltan Istvan coming tomorrow, and the full interview airing Friday 10/7.



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Zoltan Istvan
Transhumanist, Author, and Presidential Candidate
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  1. richardlbowles says:

    It’s good to know that Dave Rubin is a fan of Black Mirror. I think the
    episode he’s referring to is The Entire History of You, in which almost
    everyone in society had a small camera implanted in their skulls that
    filmed, as if out through their eyes, everything that they did.
    Effectively, people’s whole lives were documented. However, I should point
    out that Black Mirror describes dystopias, and this facility causes nothing
    but misery for the main protagonists of the episode. As Dave said, it is,
    however, a good indicator of which way the future might well go in the next
    few years.

  2. Charl Albertyn (RunRonaldRun) says:

    Finally, a politician with his priorities spot on, that’s 50% of the battle
    won. Plus I’m almost certain voters will subconsciously trust him more
    because of his appearance.

    Now all Zoltan has to do is make his ideology sound more palatable to the
    most middle-of-the-road, progressive-allergic citizen WITHOUT changing any
    of his actual ideology in effect. Dumb it down and I don’t see what could
    stand in his way.

  3. Charlie Milroy says:

    it’s a horrible idea to want to live forever, then there would be no
    meaning of life. this is potentially a very dangerous ideology

  4. imbaveritas says:

    Yeah lets let government tag all of us. Its not like governments spy and
    invade our privacy as is… right? This guy is the worst kind of
    totalitarian, and im not sure if hes stupid to understand what this
    technology means to freedom, or hes fully aware, which is even worse.

  5. ngc4594 says:

    I feel like the assumption that intelligence means a personality: malicious
    or not, is a bit of a strawman. We do not actually know that

  6. EntertheDragonChild says:

    “The first AI will be like the Manhattan project” – Zoltan Istvan
    “The only thing that might make me anti-Trans…”

  7. Bad End Happy says:

    I’m highly skeptical about how Zoltan says amateurs are using Caspr gene
    editing kits, screwing around with their own cells, and then sticking it
    back into their bodies.

  8. Ben Edmundson says:

    This half-smart twat will end the Human race faster than anyone else.
    Evolution dickhead. Just found my least favourite candidate.

  9. TheWarsuron says:

    Zoltan?, let me guess he has a secret mountain base in Switzerland and
    fight superman on a weekend.

    trying to politicise science to overcome your fear of death is irrational
    ,hate to tell you this bro but death is an inevitability we all have to
    face, you cannot escape death only evade it for a time.

  10. Paige Michael-Shetley says:

    He really mischaracterizes left-libertarianism.

    Left-libertarianism isn’t about being on the line between “Democrat” and
    “Libertarian,” or “liberal” or “progressive” and “libertarian.”
    Left-libertarianism is a master node for a whole range of sub-node
    libertarian schools of thought that is characterized broadly by an
    egalitarian view of property rights (to varying degrees),
    whereasright-libertarianism asserts that individuals have full property
    rights over everything justly acquired. It encompasses everything from
    Geolibertarians (who have a Georgist/Geoist view on property rights to
    land, natural resources, and the broader Earth) to Libertarian Socialists
    like Noam Chomsky (who are essentiallly Anarcho-Syndicalists) to left-wing
    market anarchists to people who favor some redistribution based on ethical
    arguments (like Philippe Van Parijs.)

    Now, it is certainly conceivable for a left-libertarian to fall on the line
    between Democrat/Libertarian or Liberale/Libertarian on the Nolan Chart
    when responding to certain policy questions. But they could also fall in
    the Center, they could fall quite firmly in the libertarian segement at the
    top, or they could even fall more in the liberal category. It depends on
    how they come at it.

  11. Odon Sabo says:

    Oh come on Zoltan, there is no real enemy, wars are created by our
    monetary-leaders (ZioNazis) and they already have AI. They are the ones in
    the supernatural realm, spirits that talk to them and tells them what to do
    next. Besides my Hungarian friend, what’s the use of a heart that can go on
    indefinitely if your mind/soul already left the body, .. huh? Our bodies
    would walk around without a mind/soul, like robots, .. or zombies. Oh yeah,
    .. that’s the idea right; AI robots to walk the earth, with a chip (like in
    your hand) dictating what they should do and say. The main objective:
    “OBEY”, .. lol. OK Big-Brother! Wait, are you working with the IBM “Blue
    Brain Project’s” Sci-Fientists? With your artificial organs and their
    ‘artificial brain’, hey, the evolution into Post-human is already here!

  12. Cubert Miso says:

    Wait, you have a trans humanist candidate for the presidency. This is news
    for an foreigner, or am I dreaming?

  13. Scrapingthebottom says:

    If you have an issue or idea, and you want to get it out there in the
    public sphere, I guess you run for president.

  14. sandollor says:

    Okay listen up you primitive screwheads it’s time you get squared away.
    People in the: Army are soldiers, Marine Corps are marines, Navy are
    sailors, Air Force are airmen, and Coast Guard are either guardsmen or
    coasties if you want to bust their balls.

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