What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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  1. Vault Von says:

    I think it’s very simple. computer follows code perfectly. humans are not
    perfect. so human making a human computer can’t make it perfectly.


    Can’t remember the actual definition of AI but still happy to see this

  3. Harry King Avenido says:

    Hi Dagogo, I think the voice of the lady who says “ColdFusion” is a
    text-to-speech one? isnt? 🙂
    you have the coolest vids here in yt :)

  4. TechVaRo TV says:

    Hey @ColdFusion I wanted to ask you where you have got your video material
    from ?

    Thank you :)

  5. sanch Sanchayan says:

    I work in the field of Pattern Recognition/Machine Learning . HCI is
    developing really fast.

  6. Roboartist says:

    Whenever I watch one of your videos, I feel like I’m in the future, living
    in a Tron-like house (Kevin Flynn’s to be exact), with this sleek
    techno-step music playing in the background.

  7. BLAIR M Schirmer says:

    I suppose it’s a relief, that the AI film is so awful. It means we might
    have another decade of artistic primacy.

    Who thought, though, that language would prove so intractable to strong AI
    I will be fascinated to see what it takes for AI to crack language. Once it
    understands our languages, of course, we had better hope it’s open to
    merging, otherwise we’re pets. If not pet food.

  8. Sumit Purkayastha says:

    HI,Coldfusion. Do you mind if I capture some of the images of A.I. in this
    video and use those in my conference paper being written? Thanks.

  9. Walt Viviers says:

    Not sure what Artificial Intelligence is, or unsure of the nature of its
    many subsets? I recommend watching this video for some great insights and

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