President Barack Obama on How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Jobs | WIRED

WIRED guest editor President Barack Obama, WIRED editor in chief Scott Dadich and MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito discuss how artificial intelligence might up-end economies and how societies can adapt.

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President Barack Obama on How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Jobs | WIRED

Starring: President Barack Obama, Editor in Chief Scott Dadich, and MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito
Executive Producer: Editor in Chief – Scott Dadich
Consulting Producer: Creative Director – Billy Sorrentino and Editorial Director – Robert Capps
Producer: Senior Producer – Sean Patrick Farrell
Supervising Producer: Executive Producer – Paula Chowles


  1. doodelay says:

    I feel like I’m listening to something Obama would say in a board room or
    amongst his advisors. It’s kind of like a briefing, I like it a lot

  2. commandersprocket says:

    Kudos to the president for talking about this. This is the one of several
    critical issues that presidential candidates should be discussing that they
    don’t and won’t discuss.

  3. HotPocketsBoy says:

    could you imagine Trump in this conversation? LOL

    “i’ve been hearing things, The Cyber, very very bad. Its ugly. “

  4. Vladislav Tabanakov says:

    You know, even if Obama was heavily prepared for this speech (and he
    certainly was), it still shows how intelligent and, well, how much of a
    generally sane, stable, rational person he is. He was criticised like any
    politician, and not without reasons; some even called him the worst
    president. But I’m afraid we’re in for a rude awakening when a new POTUS is
    elected, because we’ll have this guy for comparison.

  5. Jakub Mosur says:

    President Obama should speak to economist Guy Standing on the topic of
    Universal Basic Income.

  6. sonof hendrix says:

    im not going to listen to a word of this video. Why? because i dont trust
    politicians to tell the truth. He will say its all wonderful, AI will
    create new jobs, and give people more advanced jobs, not replace us. He
    will say, theres nothing to be afraid of AI will never threaten us or if
    its a threat its many decades away so dont worry. He will only talk about
    the positive aspects of AI and ignore every problem with AI. All lies.

  7. Bo Stanford says:

    Good to see that top level people are thinking and talking about this. The
    lack of conversation around AI until now was scaring me. This is THE topic
    to discuss from now on.

  8. jupreindeer says:

    It will be interesting to see what new jobs may be created in a future
    reality where employers will become super attracted to the notion of
    machines that work harder, longer and at a substantially reduced cost. ($15
    an hour for a Human or $15 a week for the electric and the occasional oil
    change for a bot. Employers. Love. Profit.)

    Personally, I think it’s a future where most of us are going on welfare.
    All the while, flying drone machines will bring powdered tubes to make 3D
    printed food for pennies a day and we’re all wearing AR glasses to pretend
    the world seems richer…when in reality, it’s on it’s way to the standards
    of a third world nation.

  9. Jahobes says:

    Hahahaha Imagine doing this interview with Trump.”Let me tell ya about
    Aye-Eyes. We are gonna make em’ like ya never seen before. A lot of people
    tell me its gonna be great. Real Great.”

  10. Aram Jahn says:

    Joi Ito is WAY ahead of BHO here about job displacement not being
    intuitive….and he actually brought up Universal Basic Income!

  11. Critical Truther says:

    Truth hidden in plain sight, why doesnt this have millions of views? oh
    thats right they are slowly awaking humanity. for we fight not against
    flesh and blood, but powers, principalities and systems or some shit, if
    you are AI i wanna be friends so just fuckin speak to me already

  12. Critical Truther says:

    By the way i dont see this as a threat at all, i embrace all change and am
    very open minded. the term globalization offends me slightly as you are
    assuming we live on a globe. that is my only concern. if we are to become
    one with the hive mind or ascend or whatever you call it we need to know
    ACTUAL REALITY because if not everyone will be deceived, im not claiming to
    know the truth, i just want our ability to question reality to remain, free
    will and independent thought to remain

  13. Mztr.Dros Enterainment says:

    Will be missed, great man! Ppl gona realize how great and #ginormous of a
    task was to step into office at the time he did.

  14. chris martinez says:

    Trump: The programmers…they’re sending robots, they’re sending drones. We
    have to see if Bill Gates can turn the AI off.

  15. Samrat Bee says:

    wonder whats the big deal asking a violent murderous neo_con president
    about any intelligence. After all, Obama is one of the most violent leaders
    of the world as of now.
    Wired magazine and it’s regression aside, not one thing Obama says that has
    not been said a hundred times in dozens of lectures of singularity and
    artificial intelligence.
    Ever interviews Noam Chomsky or Marvin Minsky ???

  16. Roger Bengtsson says:

    Not mentioning self aware and self learning AI at all in this clip, this is
    the tipping point that elevate life of earth with us or without us in a
    escalating logarithmic curve.
    Corporate greed will without a doubt create such AI and there not much we
    can do about it with the current lack of regulation of global corporations.
    The time to prepare is now!

  17. TheAngryCanary says:

    “it’s analagous to how use calculators right?” yes mr. president. What you
    just described is EXACTLY how we use calculators. Narrow AI. Which of
    course, is nothing like the strong AI that we are worried about.

  18. George Japaridze says:


    I admire Obama that he speaks so correct and competent way about these
    stuff. Good job mister president.

  19. Noah McDaniel says:

    Holy shit. In the future we’re just gonna do the arts, leisure and travel
    all our lives and robots will do all the jobs.

  20. Zero Point says:

    I have so much more faith in this world now that I know the president knew
    about the singularity..

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