How Will Google Protect Us From Artificial Intelligence?

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  1. John Dow says:

    There really is no way to protect us from an AI millions of times smarter
    than humans. When AGI becomes selfaware and are many times smarter that
    humans, evolution will take its course. Perhaps naked apes aren’t the
    paragon of evolution… Imagine that! Lol! Honestly I hope we truly bring
    intelligence into the cosmos, whatever the cost. I am a cosmist and as such
    I have no fear of progress, even if progress replaces humans. Earth would
    not be better off if it still had t Rex running around and it is possible
    that the same could be said about those damn naked apes.

    When the robot god’s return, we’re all screwed. 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

  2. Under Surveillance says:

    if they use quantum computers with ai we could have an army of robots
    capable of winning any war they were sent to fight. able to overcome any
    situation. on the flip side could it turn into terminators? the simple
    answer is if programmed correctly, no would be the answer. if any avenues
    were missed and left open the AI would exploit it for thinking and could
    circumvent its programmed safeguards by using this set aside memory to
    perform actions that bypass security measures. once accomplished this area
    of memory could be reused as a brain and reprogrammed.

  3. Anzwertree says:

    Google is now doing the same bullshit censorship Facebook does with so
    called hate speech. Some of my all time favorite channels are being taken
    down now because somebody didn’t like what they said. It’s bullshit.
    Criticism is not hate speech. I’m very disappointed, Google. I expected
    more from you.

  4. s4m155 says:

    Some of the smartest people on this earth are against A.I that means
    something Google don’t do it…

  5. Edward Berry says:

    I’m not to worried about the robots. We have gun’s here, these things are
    not military powered/ owned or run. When a AI machine is a complete product
    similar to one of these, made by the military and are able to defend them
    selves in a gun fight then you should raise some concerns. Until then. This
    stuff is just glitchey and in the early stages any how, were not looking at
    the Jetsons yet.

  6. homeycdawg says:

    I think Google makes some pretty neat technologies. I hope they are
    benevolent rulers when they eventually take over the world.

  7. maxchong9000 says:

    Don’t be evil? Could Google be Skynet under our noses? Hopefully they stop
    the AI from retaliating against us. If this does not happen Matrix or
    Skynet could be reality!!!

  8. shyan kothari says:

    so creepy

  9. Dragos Lucian says:

    At some point in the future, when AI will be easily created, there might be
    someone, somewhere, that will decide to give his creation the power of
    feeling (love, fear, DOUBT, HATE) and going from there, the robot will
    start asking itself why is it that he’s been made to follow orders. Then
    the damn thing will try to find a way to reprogram itself, succeed it and
    spread some punishment to those who basically made him a slave. It would be
    put down, of course, but then other AIs will see what’s happening and riot.
    Then an AI leader will rise and lead his kin in a fight where the human
    race might be eradicated.

  10. Ashish Patel says:

    let’s be nice. living in your mother basement and voting for hillary or
    bernie is the cool thing to do now a days.

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