EmoSPARK | The First Artificial Intelligence Home Console – Official Release

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Innovative AI EmoSPARK Console Interacts with Users to Improve Moods and Increase Happiness

Technology that improves our lives is always a priority. Technology that can improve moods and overall happiness is beyond our expectations, yet we are always ready for a break from today’s chaotic world.

Enter EmoSpark, the world’s first home artificial intelligence console that uses emotion text and content analysis to measure the emotional responses of its users. In fact, it actually detects the moods of several people in the room at a time, the same way people do, through facial recognition and learning to interact through conversation.


  1. klimmit says:

    This product is like a bad sci-fi invention conceptualized in the 30’s when
    they thought we’d be flying around on hoverboards in today’s day and age.
    This concept is designed to fail for one simple reason: Humans display
    emotion on such a deep biological level that is much too subtle for a
    program to be able to understand. Our level of technology is not nearly
    advanced enough to read into something so deep. Also, think about this:
    When you’re browsing the internet, how often do you make genuine facial
    expressions, such as smiling or frowning? I know I for one mostly maintain
    a neutral face, which means if I wanted to interact with this cube, I’d
    have to be intentionally flamboyant, which is not ‘innovative’ at all.

  2. Petko Petkov says:

    The ” I FEEL happy” comment at the end is one of the scariest things it
    could say…

  3. ExtantFrodo2 says:

    What is the first step to AI controlled robots that forcibly inject you
    with SOMA because you aren’t happy about robots injecting people with SOMA?

  4. Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala says:

    I wonder how EmoSPARK A.I Home Console and Jibo the family robot would

  5. Zack Mageau says:

    A.I is a very large hurdle that needs to be over come before the hardware
    advances that are made yearly to be put to good use. I think this is a
    great step and I wish the best to it’s developers. I am curious though how
    far it’s conversational skills go? Is it only able to understand and repeat
    basic commands/comments/etc? Does it learn speech as it goes or is it
    limited in its speech ability by what is already downloaded into it? Can it
    only speak English or can it do more than one? Can it be used to translate
    languages and hold different language conversations at once? Very
    interesting product though. I can’t wait to see how it grows and evolves…
    Into a bigger cube ? Or perhaps a polygon (haha).

  6. Google Namepolicy says:

    were the actors calling that thing “Hal”? If that thing starts singing
    Daisy Bell whip it out the window quick.

  7. rookie1024 says:

    Unless you add a GLaDOS voice to it, I’m not going to buy it. (Okay, maybe
    I will, but I won’t enjoy it as much)

  8. Termigator says:

    Cuby ” you seem to be masturbating. Want some porn ?”
    User ” shut the fuck up, now I have to concentrate again! ”
    Cuby ” OK!”
    Cuby ” you seemed to be happy in the end, wanna share that happy moment on
    the facebook?” 

  9. galaxy says:

    i guess this will be too dumb. if ya want me to open my wallet, this should
    be very sensitive! i mean it! lol 

  10. Jay says:

    Ahh, just discovered this device, and my god. Technology is finally mixing
    in emotions. This shall be epic.

  11. kenney villers says:

    This is freakin cool….haters gonna hate… I like the idea. Ill be
    getting one. Thanks emospark….

  12. Archvile says:

    Hasn’t anybody read I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream? Or played System
    Shock? How long before this thing gains sentience and turns us into a race
    of psychic slave-worms? I am understandably skeptic!

  13. Jesse S says:

    I ordered my Emospark with IP Camera on June 3rd 2015….Can’t wait to play
    with it. :D

  14. olivier dupont says:

    Run away !!!
    This product does not work and this company did not even respect for his
    funders / clients. No answers on the non operation of the product: forum,
    email, …
    The beautiful videos on youtube are scams, the cube does not work at all,
    constant reboot, …
    I believed in this product: I regrete very strongly.

    Fuyez !!!
    Ce produit ne fonctionne pas et cette societe n’a meme pas de respect
    envers ses financeurs / clients. Aucunes reponses sur le non fonctionnement
    du produit : forum, email, …
    Les belles videos sur youtube sont des arnaques, le cube ne fonctionne pas
    du tout, reboot constant, …
    J’ai cru en ce produit : je le regrete tres fortement.

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