Artificial Intelligence Will Shake Up The Economy

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  1. Phillip Morales says:

    Fuck David Parkman. His opinions/comments are so stupid.. he’s like that
    kid in high school everyone wants to bully lol 😂

  2. nothing dotdlmsc says:

    you little self entitled brats who love to berate ppl at your restaurant,
    store, ect. will have a great time when a computer or robot is telling you
    it’s policy and you can’t cry to a manager. You can’t manipulate machines
    they don’t have to worry about the days they finally snap back at you,they
    don’t care about your business, you won’t be able to make up lies to
    justify why you want free shit, great, bring it on if humanity keeps going
    down this path it should just be AI’s

  3. chindoo says:

    couldnt that massive microphone be pushed to the side a little so it doesnt
    stick like a big phallic rod half way across your face?

  4. mtolives says:

    It depends on who AI truly serves. Most of the lost jobs will come from the
    middle class. AI will no doubt serve the elite.

  5. Thinking Mouse says:

    robot oligarchy when?
    we will have a gloating minority watching us fight over the dog bones they
    throw, then the robots will fool them and then space shit happens.

  6. Bijan Fletcher says:

    i’m training to become a paramedic because if there is unrest there will be
    a need for paramedics, I dont see robots doing paramedic jobs in 15
    years… if so then I’ll just get a sex robot and cry my poor ass to sleep

  7. jones1351 says:

    A shop of 5 employee’s produces X widgets in 200 hours (40 hr work week).
    New technology comes on line that reduces necessary time to 75 hours. The
    question becomes do we reduce the work week to 15 hours per worker (at full
    pay), as envisioned by Keynes, or do we keep 1 full time (40hrs) and 1 part
    time (35hrs) and throw the other 3 out onto the streets? Right now the
    question is answered by corporations: Reduce the workforce not the
    workweek. This all goes back to the days of the Luddites and before. Check
    out ‘Progress Without People’, by David Noble.

  8. so_fly _ent says:

    Idk Kyle. I kind of want to be in a sci-fi movie. At this point life right
    now is just depressing and disappointing to look at

  9. From my point of view, you are upside down. says:

    And somehow we still accept millions of immigrants in the western world and
    outsource our industry in Asia. This need to be reversed before anything

  10. The Martyrer says:

    It’s called technologicalism. A.k.a. full automated luxury communism. But
    of course Pakcunt doesn’t know his shit.

  11. ThinkerResearcher says:

    I am a programmer, so I should be the last one replaced (if I’m not killed
    by an Uber driver beforehand)

  12. TheaterRaven says:

    Between the fact that human corruption and greed could put things off to a
    bad start from the beginning and the argument that humans could
    underestimate A.I.s, stories like this creep me out. Yes, technology can
    and does advance inevitably, but just because we can play God with things
    doesn’t mean we should. “Frankenstein”, anyone?

  13. f2bclown says:

    There always need to be people that are much richer than others. Whether
    it’s momentum from previous generations or their own hard work that got
    them there, I think that’s besides the point I’m trying to make. People
    need an incentive to improve and create new ideas, businesses. If you take
    that away and evenly distribute the wealth then you will create chaos
    because the progress will go nowhere. Evenly distributing income sounds a
    lot like communism. I agree that we need to decrease the income gap from
    the richest but you talked about extremes and that can mislead a lot of
    people here. Just my opinion.

  14. Рэй Милици Югослава says:

    Transition to a basic income will be the best idea. This structures in a
    kind of communism (dont be scared) where we can enjoy our lives and work
    very little hours. Still NAFTA was a disaster, and America should have more
    manufacturing jobs in general.

  15. Toughnut says:

    All we need to do is have the AI build a matrix to which we can hook up the
    conservatives and give them a world where they can think they are being

    Meanwhile, we progressives and the AI can make the real world a better

    while (true)
    “okay Google, please add one dollar to my bank account”

  16. Eco Tech .com says:

    ‘Thanks for the report interesting,but i disagree with Industries
    replaced,i tend to think that most administrative,accounting and clerical
    jobs,in the near future(apps can replace many now) but service transport i
    feel will be transitioned later!

  17. Roxor128 says:

    For the jobs of the future, humans need not apply. Good. Humans are
    massively error-prone. Let’s start by getting all the sleepy and drunk
    humans off the road and mandate that all cars must be computer-driven only,
    with no option for manual control.

  18. Apjooz says:

    Top smartphone would have been the fastest supercomputer around 1995 and
    would have been a capable supercomputer still in the early 2000’s.

  19. Debar Dogma says:

    Haha. There were saying this exact same thing 30 years ago. Thirty years
    later I’m still working over 40 hours a week.

  20. Yaakov Reed says:

    I thought this was going to be an intellectual discussion. You had to
    really drop the F bomb what 6-7 times? However, your suggestion that people
    have robot to do the work for them sounds tenable. We would have to limit
    corporations use and purchase of said robots or they would have no
    motivation to hire ours. This would be difficult in the present situation
    where corporations basically tell the politicians how its going to be with,
    what rules, laws and ordinance are to be enacted.

  21. ChiaraDental says:

    There’s simply no reason for this guy to pepper his speech with the f word.
    His foul mouth destroys any chance he has of sounding intelligent.

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