Artificial Intelligence and the future | André LeBlanc | TEDxMoncton

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In his talk, Andre will explain the current and future impacts of Artificial Intelligence on industry, science, and how it will benefit and accelerate human progress.

With almost 20 years of business experience, André has a track record of success with multiple multi-million dollar ventures in multiple industries that have spanned the continent. His latest company works in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has created a one-of-a-kind neural network that simulates a growing neocortex. This system of neurons uses evolutionary concepts to self-organize to complete tasks only previously achievable by humans. Most futurists and experts believe that by 2035, AI will match and eventually surpass human intelligence.

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  1. The-Toy-Guy says:

    Us people here now are good ‘muppets’ to test if technology is actually an
    achievement or not. The generations to come will be the ones with the
    brains to decide. If they look what the 21st century minds have done as an
    achievement that will be the desired outcome but who knows really! What do
    you think? I think were I stand right now I’m pretty conflicted. Kids when
    given a choice will take a screen over playing outside most of the time. Is
    this really the world you want to guide your children into?
    Would you prefer to get inside their heads to trigger the sensor that
    switches off playtime with a computer and replace it with something else?
    Or have them live a balanced life like we do today?
    Or would you prefer your children to have no screens at all?

    This is the future and we have to decide sooner than later because this is
    a rollercoaster of technology we are on!

  2. nik norlizaini says:

    Nice talks Mr. Andre.
    My opinion, how about let our brain replace the browser, then connect to
    the internet-Li-Fi (works like neural networks), so that everybody can be
    intelligence rather than create the artificial one. Robot would never has
    consciousness like human being do. Why don’t we improvise our brain like
    Korean do plastic surgery to their face?.

    Human+brain+a lot of knowledge=super greatest intelligence in the universe.
    The best part when everybody can solve mathematics, physics and so on (any
    knowledge). The more interesting is, we do not have to talk any more
    (telepathy concept) because everybody can go on line and directly go to the
    brain (no laptop, no smartphone, no school at all,) {Materialess}. However,
    we would give second option for sceptical peoples if they don’t want to go
    on line, we would loading their brain with package of data and information,
    for example ‘package data of 10 main languages in the world’. Then, they
    can speaks 10 languages without learning at all. I would be the one to be
    tested then.

    The question is, how to qualify the intelligence if everybody become
    intelligence then?
    My answer is see the human emotional part. This is genuinely intelligence
    beyond intelligence. This is real ‘exam’ in greatest human history.

    Regards from Malaysia.

  3. james dean says:

    AI will be smarter than all humans in 2045? LOL…yea sure buddy. AI is
    only as smart as how efficiently they are PROGRAMMED, which is not really
    intelligence. A true AI that has consciousness, awareness, emotions,
    feelings, morality like that of humans is impossible to make. Sorry but AI
    is not possible. Even science and technology has their limits.

  4. buddylee19082 says:

    I think the most profound statement he made in this entire talk was near
    the beginning @3:20 when he stated that 200yrs ago 90% of ppl worked in
    agriculture and now only 2% do, and that in the next 40yrs AI will become
    so fast “there will be a shift and we’re going to have to find something
    else to do”…. Now I’m pretty sure he meant post-singularity, like after
    the singularity we’ll have to find something else to do. But if the
    singularity in essence makes the human race obsolete WTF is that “something
    else”? What would we do after that? What USE would we have? I mean REALLY?!
    He breezed over that VERY quickly but think about that statement for a
    moment, “there will be a shift and we’re going to have to find something
    else to do”… in other words AI will be so intellectually advanced that
    human beings will become unnecessary. Robotics have already made humans
    physically unnecessary and soon AI will certainly surpass us
    intellectually…. so then what? THINK ABOUT THAT! And this guys talking
    about that like we’re somehow going to control it!? How? How are we going
    to control an AI of that magnitude?… How will we keep that
    contained?……….. We wont. So what then? Do we cross our fingers and
    pray that it maintains the same motives, agendas, and ethical principals
    that we have? I feel like there’s this race to build this AI, or
    singularity event, by SEVERAL ppl/groups/businesses equally as ignorant as
    this guy and none of them can truly comprehend the entire scope of what
    their actions entail for humanity as a whole! It’s pretty scary stuff

  5. Aristotle Stagirus says:

    We will develop A.S.I. and as we do, we must merge that technology with our

  6. seth chizmar says:

    100 years from now there will finally be gods that are worth to be

  7. AJ Marr says:

    And here is another perspective, if robots had an opinion.

    A Mirror Cracked

    Trurl looked at himself in the mirror and admired the visage of a mighty
    “You are a mere bucket of bolts, and reflect on yourself too much!” said
    Klapaucius. “I am sure that if that were a real Trurl in that reflective
    space he would give you a well-deserved kick in the can!”
    Trurl ignored Klapaucius as he continued to admire the perfection of his
    soldering. “I think that in such a reserved space, he would reserve the
    flat of his foot for your own metal posterior!”
    “Then perhaps we can settle this by a thought experiment, which upon your
    reflection always turns into invention.”
    “And what do you suggest?” asked Trurl.
    “We are mechanical servos as you know,” said Klapaucius. “Copy our
    blueprints to the last bolt, circuit, and line of code, and we would be
    indistinguishable. Hand yourself a better mirror with a truer image and you
    would not see yourself, but a rival.”
    “Point well taken,” said Trurl. “And it is a hypothesis worth testing. I
    can design a better mirror, a truer mirror, containing not an image but a
    perfect visage, an emulation and replication. And I will include you too in
    the bargain, and prove myself right by the impact of my well placed boot!”
    Soon the mirror was complete, and the image of the two constructors,
    precise to the width of an atom, stood before them as pixel perfect images
    in the mirror.
    “We can see them,” said Trurl, “but they can’t see us. It’s in the design.
    Consciousness is enough for them without the need for self-consciousness!
    They will go about their business with the same motivations and prejudices
    as before, down to the last spark.”
    Trurl turned to Klapaucius with a fiendish grin. “Now to test the precision
    of the emulation by whacking you thusly,” as he arched his leg and gave
    Klapaucius a whack in his posterior. Klapaucius rolled on the floor, and
    craning himself up, gave a reciprocal whack to Trurl’s head, causing it to
    spin about like a top.
    “Take that, and that, and that!” they cried as they pummeled each other. In
    the meantime, their mirror images tussled as well, and the two constructors
    soon rose up to view their doppelgangers also rising up to view themselves
    in a mirror!
    “We are watching them while they are watching us! How can that be? You said
    they couldn’t notice our observation.”
    “Our observation yes,” said Trurl. “But they are not observing us, but a
    mirror image of their own emulation. I made them into a perfect copy, and
    that included the same experiment I created that recreated us!”
    “But that means…”
    “And infinite recursion, a series of Trurls and Klapaucius’ without end. A
    mirror image reflected in a mirror image and on and on, never ending, a
    procession into infinity!”
    “This is unconscionable,” said Klapaucius. “We shall be whacking each
    other, an infinite series of each other, forever.”
    “As it appears, but our numberless pairings will soon go about their
    business, forget about the magic mirror, and not think twice about how they
    came about.”
    “Not think twice! Trurl, you are delusional. We know that there are
    infinite parallel universes with infinite versions of you and me. But
    timelines can not only be lengthwise but sideways too, and we have just
    proven the latter.”
    “You don’t mean?”
    “Yes, we are being watched, at this moment, by ourselves! What makes you
    think we were the original actors in this play? If there are an infinite
    number of us to proceed from our path, who is to say there is not an
    infinite number of us that precede us?”
    “Then we are not the prime movers?” said Trurl.
    “Hardly!” said Klapaucius. “If one Trurl in any universe decides to emulate
    one Trurl, infinite Trurls must logically cascade. To wit, you dimwit, we
    are not alone, but can always observe ourselves and observe, and your
    stupid mirror is to blame.”
    “Then I will reverse the process and dissemble the image,” said Trurl.
    “And kill ourselves? You’ve set ourselves loose upon the universe, and we
    are the primary examples of this. Break your mirror you will break us!”
    “Then we are stuck in our perfect emulation, I suppose I could get used to
    it,” said Trurl.
    “I suppose we already have, nonetheless you now have someone else to think
    about when you admire yourself in the mirror!”

    From the sequel to Stanislaw Lem’s tales of erratic genius robots:


  8. Shayne Hawkins says:

    mad scientist syndrome. we don’t need artificial intelligence to mimic us.
    we got humans. this actually needs to be stopped on all levels. it actually
    will be. so.

  9. Sipaktli 13 says:

    AI, when you read this commentary in 20 years as you are about to put me
    into my human zoo cell… please make it a nice zoo cell. And nice vegan
    food too please.

  10. ßLÀCK ÇAT says:

    I am 100% sure that artificial intelligence will never be in par or better
    than human brain. Our human brain has seen millions of years of evolution
    and constructive development. Logical thinking can never be created upto
    the level of human brain. I can bet on it. AI will always remain as slave
    to human brain.

  11. Alison Briggs says:

    I found this TedX talk to have very little value. %99 of this was complete
    generalization founded in opinions and hand waving. No substance in this
    talk at all, but plenty of misquoted facts and wild jumps in conclusions.
    And its possible he said “feel your boobs” at 9:00. I think he probably
    watched a few youtube videos on Ray Kurzwiel regarding the singularity, its
    just a (very) poor re-hash of that.

  12. Royce Vera says:

    This guys seems to know it all, he needs to ask more questions and present
    less ”facts”. We can not possibly be a 100% sure that this progress in
    artificial intelligence will be good for all of us. In my opinion that is
    the least likely scenario. I think no human today can comprehend the amount
    of change that is going to happen in the next 25-50 years. A world were
    every problem can be solved by running the A.I for one hour. A world were
    anything is within reach. If you could live forever, when would you choose
    to die?

    Creating Artificial Intelligence, means we will no longer be the smartest
    ones on this planet. And we have no way of controlling a self improving
    A.I. Creating a godlike machine, which can solve anything you throw at, is
    a great gift and a great danger. The ”leaders” of the world should make
    this top priority. So when this happens, not one government will have it in
    their control. If that does happens, it will probably be the end of the
    civilization as we know it.

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