Android Wear 2.0 Dev Preview Delay, No Man’s Sky Investigated, Artificial Intelligence Super Group

Android Wear 2.0 gets new things a delay. 5 big tech companies come together for the sake of AI. No Man’s Sky gets investigated by the ASA. All this plus exploding washing machines and more on this episode of Netlinked Daily.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


  1. Luke Brosious says:

    I literally played no mans sky once and never touched it again. Not that
    it’s horrible , but definitely let me down and isn’t nearly as fun as I had

  2. Billy jean Isnotmylover says:

    I deleted no man sky ..yes the full 2.5 gb 😮 this what the fastest game I
    erased!! So it’s good for something

  3. Gary ? (Alienmoon) says:

    I was going to buy a smartwatch for the Windows phone I had, Well Until MS
    announced their pulling out of the phone sector,
    So no point buying a smartwatch or Fitness Band for an MS -Phone.
    So Now I’m getting rid of my MS phone, Just like I did with that Apple Crap
    & all its bloatware, and wait for GooglePlay to get its shit together and
    go for a Droid Phone.
    As for the Spotify buying Soundcloud, If they do the same to Soundcloud and
    Ruin it like they have with their own Sportycrap, I sure will be dumping
    SoundCloud also.

  4. kcvriess says:

    That was actually a creative and non-crinchworthy user made snippy snippets
    Quite freshing.

  5. LAN Master says:

    Spotify should totally buy sound cloud more license free music for twitch
    streamers to play would be cool

  6. Pepsiman2006 says:

    Now Android 2.0 just needs to include Bluetooth voice so the watch can act
    as a proper speakerphone to our phones so we don’t have to take our phones
    our in a crowd to talk. What is the phone of simply being able to answer
    the phone from my watch if I still need to grab my phone to speak?

  7. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    oh Maximus VIII Hero motherboard, motherboard, motherboard, motherboard,
    motherboard , motherboaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrddd!!!!!!

  8. Swordust says:

    What do you mean “going to start looking like the humans in Wall-E?” I’d
    say we’re there already.

  9. AMP Tech says:

    less dependency allows better integration with iPhones yay. I don’t like
    the apple watch but I like iPhones for their reliability so yea

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